Alex Pfeffer Polyvoc Station

Alex Pfeffer Polyvoc Station

A creative recreation of the famous Polivoks synthesizer

Polyvoc Station contains:
- 21x the original Oscillators and waveforms diatonically sampled from an original Polivoks Synthesizer
- 100x "Station Diaries": programmed patches from the original Oscillators and Waveforms
- 25x "Encounters": sound designed Bramms
- 25x "Mission Documents": sound designed and processed loops and pulses
- 25x "Implosions" - Hits and Sub Hits
- 25x "Rescue Pads": sound designed analog pads

library size: 3.05 GB
you have full access to the .wav files
at least Kontakt 5.8.1

- The Big Knob in the middle is controlling the cutoff filter and connected to CC01 (Modwheel)
- The Glide patches are additionally mapped to CC11 controlling the portamento
- The ARP patches are additionally mapped to CC11, controlling the arpeggio Octave -/+

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