Past To Future Samples Innerspeak Drums

Past To Future Samples Innerspeak Drums

Incredibly punchy, with the right amount of fatness and growl, this drum sample library is one of a kind!

We took a new approach while making this one. We recorded two versions with a more HiFi (still processed with external analog gear like Dbx-165a, Distressors, lots of Fridmannish processing) version closer to what you would have in the studio, also we ran all the drums through a Boss Br-864 recorder just like the album and recorded that too! The digital recorder with the built-in limiter sounds incredibly crunchy and awesome!
So you have a more Hi-fi version and an awesome Lo-Fi crunched-up version closer to the album's sound!

The Hi-fi version or Boss Br-864 version is selectable from our custom Kontakt GUI like you see in the screenshot;

Wave files are included if you don't use Kontakt!
Custom GUI with two different drum sounds selectable!
We are proud to bring you sounds you can't find anywhere else!

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