Hypnus Records Calculus

Hypnus Records Calculus

Calculus is a Max for Live device which helps you calculate note lengths in milliseconds, Hertz and samples based on your project’s tempo. This is helpful when working with effects units and instruments which do not provide synced settings or if you want to add more complexity to your settings by introducing dotted or triplet values. Reverb pre-delay and decay, phaser modulations, delay time, LFO cycles and compression release are just some of the powerful parameters which could provide musical and interesting results with the help of this tool.

Main features and functions

- Calculates note lengths based on your project's tempo

- Results can be displayed as milliseconds, Hertz or samples

- Full notes, dotted and triplet values are available

- Ranges from 512/1 to 1/512

System Requirements

Ableton Live 10 is required and we recommend the latest version of Max for optimal experience. There is so far no reported issues with this device.

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