ShamanStems Analog Percussion 2

ShamanStems Analog Percussion 2

1280+ all analog percussive oneshots oozing with warmth and punch, recorded from highly sought after synths and drum machines from Elektron, Moog, Doepfer, Analogue Solutions and Acidlab, rigorously organized in 19 Ableton Live 9.7.6+ racks and put to good use in 23 Live Projects.

What's In The Collection?

195 Kicks divided among 4 folders: soft, warm - perfect for house and chillout, punchy - ideal for more upbeat numbers, and hard - with overdrive settings pushed to the extremes.
87 Clicks and Transients, handy for layering on top of kicks and glitchy sound-design.
118 Hi-Hats 62 Open, 56 Closed.
66 Cymbals Slick and Crisp.
78 Snares from beefy to subtle.
57 Claps 19 clean and 38 hard.
94 Bleepbloop for instant quirkiness.
114 Beefy low percussion and toms, 41 wobbly subs, 57 midrange percussion and 67 high, piercing percussive sounds.
145 Weird and Glitch sci-fi and robotic percussive sounds which can double as sfx.
60 Highly resonant sounds, zaps and lasers, ideal for electro, IDM and retro-futuristic forays to top things up: 21 claves, 39 cowbells and 47 rimshots.
All the oneshots are arranged into 19 Ableton Live racks, with macros set to tuning, filter, ADSR settings, drive, volume and pitch randomization according to the needs of each category of percussive sounds.
23 Live Projects are included 10 projects designed for 117-125 Bpm House and 13 projects for 124 -135 Bpm Techno and Electro. Each project has been rendered as construction kits as well, totaling 142 WAV drum loops.


The demos showcase unprocessed sounds from this pack except for the e-piano loops present in the Main Demo.

Product Specifications:

Format: (.WAVs) & (.Ableton Live Pack)
-195 x Kicks
-118 x Hi-Hats
--78 x Snares
--57 x Claps
--47 x Rimshots
--94 x Bleep Bloop
--21 x Claves
--87 x Clicks And Transients
--39 x Cowbells
--66 x Cymbals
--67 x High Percussions
--57 x Mid Percussions
-114 x Lowperc And Toms
--41 x Subs
--60 x Resonant And Zaps
-145 x Weird And
-142 x Drum Loops
---1 x Ableton Live Pack
-144 x Demo Loops
1430 x Files In Total
44.1kHz/24-Bit High Quality
Compatible With All DAWs

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