Karoryfer Gogodze Phu Vol.2

Karoryfer Gogodze Phu Vol.2

Gogodze Phu Vol II is a free set of acoustic drum samples which can go from lo-fi to hi-fi. The sound is inspired by the dirty drums on Kim Jung Mi's 1973 album "Now", but the controls also offer the choice of greater clarity.

Kick, snare, hi-hat and three toms.
Heavily dampened drums for a short, cutting sound.
Hi-hat with five degrees of openness plus foot chiks.
All kit pieces recorded with the same seven microphones.
Fidelity control for setting the microphone phase alignment.
Mixes ranging from one mic for the entire kit to all seven.
Four mic mix in the classic Glyn Johns setup.
Additional controls for kick dirt, snare fat, hi-hat trash and tom thud.
1701 total WAV samples, over 400 MB extracted.

Requires Plogue Sforzando 1.933 or newer. This is an entry in the 2018 KVR Developer Challenge.

This SoundBank is free but you need this R2R-ed one to use from our ARIA +
AlterEgo release. This is due to the protection scheme. Even free bank has
RSA signed license in the information file.

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