Rast Sounds African Vocals

Rast Sounds African Vocals

Nguni tribe performers offer wealth of authentic war & love chants, patterns, songs, playable solo instruments and phrase composer tools from motherland Africa.

Africa is where our human story started , where we are rooted. We always wished to create something unique and moving, here we are.

We love recording authentic performances from unheard cultures and voices offering them as they are, as well as transforming them into moving, playable instruments for modern-day producers and composers. You will enjoy discovering playable chants, vocables, phrase composer presets, and much more through an interface designed to help you inspire.


2 Performers (Female & Male)
200+ Samples
Playable Tribal Chants, Solos & Choir
Phrase Composer Presets, Patterns & Words
Requires KONTAKT v6.0.3 or higher

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