Observant Sound Steel Tongue

Observant Sound Steel Tongue

From the “Singing Metal Series”. “Steel Tongue” is a neat little tonal metal percussion library that's very flexible in it's customization and very inspiring to use due to the built-in arpeggiator and FX.

Easily add more flair and character to any composition without distracting from the main action. Instantly create tranquil moods with the soft mallet tones, or add rhythm with the easy to use arpeggiator, or dirty up the sounds with the on board effects for a more hybrid sound.


3 beater articulations with dedicated volume envelope controls:
Rubber Mallets
3 Round Robin each + 9 RR for the percussive parts
2 mic positions
11 varying instrument patches
4 octave ranges , keyswitches for easily changing arpeggiator modes.
195 meg , uncompressed
Requires full version KONTAKT v6.2.2 or higher

Many thanks to 0TH3Rside for providing this release!

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