Raw Beaters is a small yet powerful & fun bunch'a drum kits created as UI interactive drum sets you can audition with a click of your mouse.


Ive created four Drum kits : ( White kit , Primo kit , Simmons kit & Whiskey Barrel kit )

I return to my two favorite machines for sample sets of this build. I used my Roland TD-20 Module & my Alesis SR-18 drum machine. So although being a light weight build , it packs a lott'a punch when coupled with my 10 channel mixer & sequencer !

Using the Sequencer to multi-layer sequence tracks together and create your own feel in velocity and how you like the sounds to be , is just the beginning for your next set of loops or beat ideas ! And once you incorporate the mixer desk in the UI , you'll find manipulating the samples is a total breeze.


10 (x2) Tracks / 64 step sequencer.
10-channel mixer including Delay & Reverb effects , EQ and drum decay and
choke controis.
Mixer has Stereo Sum / mix output with included Transient master , compressor
and phase-flanger effects.
Start-Stop Transport , Beat-measure signature selection & Swing - offset Graph.
Only 220 meg uncompressed
Requires FULL KONTAKT v5.6.5 or higher to oiperate