WaveRunner Audio Johns Guitar

WaveRunner Audio Johns Guitar

Featuring as apart of the Seven Days fundraiser, Waverunner Audio’s John’s Guitar. Warm nylon strings, a distinct and unique character, captured in the same space as 2 French Horns by Adaq Khan, who is usually found recording at London’s Royal Albert Hall. John’s Guitar also includes additional ethereal pad and short patches, featuring stunning artwork by friend Blake Pearson; offering inspiring colours to add to your sonic palette.


mic pos 1 : ribbon left (Neck)
mic pos 2 : ribbon right (Body)
mic pos 3 : spaced omni pair (Room)
x4 rr / x3 dynamic layers
First Dive patch: ethereal cinematic patch of short (x3 rr x3 dynamics) and sustain (crossfade between x2 dynamics)
820mb Installed
Requires Full Version of Kontatk 5.6+

This release has been exclusively provided
by our member who wishes to remain anonymous.

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