Kirk Hunter Studios Concert Brass 2

Kirk Hunter Studios Concert Brass 2

Concert Brass 2, the newest of all Kirk Hunter Studios' brass packages gives you 4 brass libraries in one. Coupled with innovative and progressive TVEC 3 programming for Kontakt, you will not find a more flexible and playable great sounding brass library! And with SmartLegato2®, you will be able play chords in legato mode even while changing articulations! With these new brass sections, you can call up anything from a huge "Hollywood" film sound, to an intimate brass chorale or solo or anything in between!

Musical expression was key in recording these new sections. You'll be able to get big bombastic fanfares, easy to control crescendos or "spooky" and dark backgrounds. The range of programming variety you get is limitless. All of these new sections were sampled in a space large enough to get the "sweet spot" for brass, yet not so ambient that you're stuck with a mushy sound. This way you can choose your own style of ambience without conflicts.


SmartLegato® - Polyphonic legato
IntervaLive® - When engaged, real intervals are performed when you play overlapping notes. You can fully customize IntervaLive®
DivisiLive® - Automatically divides sections if you play chords
Division Mixing - Setup custom mixes of different sections (divisions) all on the same instrument.
Division Panning - Setup custom panning of different sections (divisions) all on the same instrument.
Quick-Rip - Keyswitch a section rip, or use the pitch wheel.
Polyphonic Round Robin - Even playing chords will engage a true Round Robin. And randomization insures killing the "machine gun" sound.
Sus Pedal Slur and Extend - Conventional sustain pedal behavior,OR you can extend repeated notes, or slur overlapped notes to get a very realistic sound.
Double and Triple Tonguing - When you can't play a fast repeated note quickly enough, choose "Double Tongue" or "Triple Tongue".
Programmable Keyswitching - Don't like where the keyswitches are? Program your own. You can also turn keyswitching on or off altogether.
Short Note FX - Create fun "falls" or "scoops" for the shorter note articulations.
Modwheel Vibrato for Solos - You can choose to add vibrato with the modwheel.
Every feature is now automatable from the main page.

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