Room Sound Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums

Room Sound Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City Recording Studio in Salem, Massachusetts


Kurt is a producer, engineer, mixer and studio owner, with extensive production credits on some of aggressive music's most successful albums. In addition to his studio work, Kurt is the guitarist in groundbreaking hardcore/metal crossover act CONVERGE.

Kurt's studio, God City Recording, was constructed in 2003 and contains the finest analog and digital recording equipment available. God City has hosted bands such as High on Fire, American Nightmare, NAILS, Darkest Hour, Code Orange, Four Year Strong, Converge, Russian Circles, Torche, Cave In and many, many more.


-FREE Kontakt Player compatible (no demo-mode timeouts)
-Recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City Recording
-MIDI grooves by Ben Koller of Converge / Mutoid Man
-26 individual kit pieces
-Full microphone bleed
-DAW multi-out for every microphone position
-Over 18,700 individual samples
-Effects rack based on Kurt's gear at God City Recording
-Mix-ready presets by Kurt Ballou


Choose from 26 different kit pieces from Kurt's personal drum collection. You've heard these drums on many of the most popular recordings from God City. Now you can have them in your mixes. Every drum and cymbal was sampled in exhaustive detail at God City with Kurt's high-end converters and outboard gear.

Drums can be auditioned and selected in the "kit select" area. This is also where the pitch, envelope and MIDI dynamics can be adjusted. These parameters are individually controllable on each separate kit piece for maximum command of your drum sound!


14 individually-controllable close, overhead and room mic channels with full bleed controls allow you to mix the audio just as if you had recorded it yourself. It sounds real because it is real!

Each mixer channel contains dynamics, EQ, saturation and reverb processors based on Kurt's favorite studio gear at God City.

Additionally, Kurt's mix presets are included using the built-in mixer effects, so you can load a great-sounding preset and start being creative in seconds!

For those users who wish to mix in their DAW instead, each channel can easily be multi-output routed to individual DAW channels in all popular recording software with our included templates.


Not a drummer? Look no further than our included MIDI groove library! Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums comes with a large library of customized grooves performed by Converge drummer Ben Koller.

Audition within the interface and then simply drag-and-drop to your DAW's timeline. The grooves will automatically conform to the tempo of your song. It's perfect for demos or for jamming!


Our customizable key mapping page makes working with alternate MIDI mappings and electronic drum kits fast and easy. Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums comes with key map presets for the most popular software drum instruments built in.

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