Performance Samples River Piano

Performance Samples River Piano

River Piano, recorded in a hall, is a grand piano library focused on arrhythmic textures – from multi-octave repeated unisons to sustaining suspended chord flurries and trills, to upward/downward arpeggios and glissandi. The library’s intent is to provide organic movement and color in an orchestral or dramatic setting.

Grand piano recorded in position (slightly to the left)
Three dynamics (except on glissandi)
Recorded in a hall with 2 mic positions (close and far)
48 kHz / 24-bit

Articulation List

+ Landscape V1
+ Landscape V2
+ Sunrise
+ Horizon
Fast Arpeggios with 4 RR (and arp direction control via CC)
+ Upward (multiple speeds)
+ Downward (multiple speeds)
+ Upward-Downward-Upward
+ Downward-Upward-Downward
+ Short downward with multiple start-note registers and 2 RR

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