Sound Aesthetics Sampling Blura Red

Sound Aesthetics Sampling Blura Red

This library contains organic and textural sound, derived from various synth sources which were then heavily processed to create more natural, evolving sources.

We created 28 Snapshots, which were also resaved as traditional Kontakt Patches so you decide whether you want to work with Snapshots or Patches.


It carries 5 source slots with 33 different sounds to select from. Each of these can only be selected once and is dynamically purged to save system ressources.

It also uses the random trigger function, which let's you decide how probable it is that the respective source layer will be triggered. This function avoids the repetitive nature of the plane layering system and will especially when played in chords result in much more organic material.

The following features are available for each Source Layer:

Volume and Pan
Random source trigger amount per layer
3 Band EQ
Color Control (Basically a combiination of LP and HP Filters)
Sample Offset
Volume Keytracking


The Fx is fully modular and makes it possible to use any of the 10 available effects in the 6 slots as often as you want. Therefore you're able to set up your own effects chain.

The following effects are available:

4 Band EQ
Tape Saturation
Filter (LP2)
Stereo Modeller


29 (resaved) Kontakt patches (.nki), 28 Kontakt Snapshots (.nksn)
88 samples (48khz/24bit)
500 MB (ncw compressed from 0,95 GB of raw data)
Requires Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher. Please ensure you have the FULL version of Kontakt (NOT Kontakt Player)

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