Detunized Polite 800

Detunized Polite 800

Live Pack and ReFill contain 35 instruments that perfectly capture the spirit of this classic hybrid. The Racks/Combinators have a standardized macro layout which is easy to familiarize with. So hot-swapping through the included Basses, Keys, Pads, Brasses and FX sounds is absolutely painless. Nevertheless all macros controls are multi-connected to more than 20 parameters per instrument which invites for a comfortable in-depth tweaking of the sounds.

The Universal Pack contains 32 multi-sample patches that load into numerous software samplers like Kontakt (NI), NN-XT (Reason). EXS 24 (Logic), Directwave (IL) as well as each other software sampler that supports the Cakewalk sfz format.

Live Pack
requires Live 8.4 / 9 / 10
35 Instruments Racks, 544 Samples, 300 MB

Universal Format
SFZ, NKI, SXT, EXS included
32 x 4 Patches, 544 Samples, 300 MB

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