Rhythmic Robot Audio NanoMod 10 - Hard

Rhythmic Robot Audio NanoMod 10 - Hard

Hard puts the NanoMod architecture to work on hard-hitting, metallized, aggressive waveforms to give you a wide variety of powerful leads and angry basslines. It’s ideally suited to sounds that need to cut through a mix assertively.

Wave 1 comes from our modular system and harnesses the SuperSawtor to great effect, generating a brash, thick sawtooth wave which we’ve harnessed to a chunky square-wave sub-oscillator before pushing them both through our Aurora Stinger at a rather high gain setting. This wave is angry but thick-sounding and is great for basses and polysynth tones.

Wave 2 also got pushed through the Stinger for some class-A saturation, but the starting point this time was a Metallized triangle wave coupled with a beefy sine-based sub-oscillator. Harder and more cutting than Wave 1, it’s ideal for leads, and gives the filters a lot to chew on.

Leaving the Warmth dial turned down encourages almost clinically precise synth tones that can squeal and shriek, while playing with the filters can take the edge off the source waveforms for smoother, more liquid blips and melodies. And as ever, the Glitch button pops out instant random patches the moment the whim takes you

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