Paragon Samples Nave Q Studio Kit

Paragon Samples Nave Q Studio Kit

This is the Nave Q Studio Drum Kit, a Galvanised Steel Drum Kit made by Q Drum Co. Recorded at The Nave Studios in Leeds, North Yorkshire. This is huge natural sounding drum kit, with an even bigger sounding room.

Great for big rock productions as well as those looking to add size and depth to more metal style drums.

24bit WAVs, NKI (Kontakt 5+), Steven Slate Trigger TCI Files and Drumagog GOG Files:
Kick - Kick, Kick OH, Kick Close Room, Kick Far Room, Kick Hallway.
Snare - Snare Top, Snare Bottom, Snare OH, Snare Close Room, Snare Far Room, Snare Hallway.
Rack - Rack, Rack OH, Rack Close Room, Rack Far Room, Rack Hallway.
Floor Tom 1 - Floor 1, Floor 1 OH, Floor 1 Close Room, Floor 1 Far Room, Floor 1 Hallway.
Floor Tom 2 - Floor 2, Floor 2 OH, Floor 2 Close Room, Floor 2 Far Room, Floor 2 Hallway.

Kit - Q Drum Co. Galvanised Steel
Kick - 24x14
Snare - Q Drum Co. Plate Aluminium, 14x7
Rack - 14x10
Floor Tom 1 - 16x16
Floor Tom 2 - 18x16

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