Origins Of Audio Mysterium

Origins Of Audio Mysterium

Mysterium - Deconstructed Toy Piano is a sample library for Native Instruments' Kontakt, requires the full version of Kontakt and consists of 16 different instruments! Our initial thought was to record just the natural metallic sound of a toy piano.

So we recorded a two octave upright toy piano which have a slightly off-tune sound, and a natural range of C3 to C5. And then we thought that it would be fun to record the dry hits of this actual toy piano. And so we did! But then, we decided to step it up a notch!

We began messing around with various sound design techniques and effects and created different and interesting sounds which we have include in this library. Soundscapes, cinematic effects, drones, heavy processed experimental sounds complete the puzzle of agony and mystery. Mysterium can create a unique jittery and enigmatic atmosphere to your compositions.

Inside Mysterium You Will Find The Following Instruments:
Bells From Hell
Broken Violin
Cinematic Effects
Delay Reversed
Dirty Robot Tricks
Dragon’s Breath
Dry Hits
Industrial Hits
Mr. Oktavier
Screaming Tree
Singing Bowl
Some Kind Of Soundscape
Sonar Notes

Key Features
16 Different Instruments (Nki’s)
24-Bit/96KHz High Quality Samples With Ncw Lossless Compression
1 Microphone Position
Up To 10x Round Robin In The Natural Toy Piano Sounds
User (Manual) Included

The Full Version Of Kontakt (And Above) Is Required. This Library Is Not Suitable For The Kontakt Player
Library Size: Approx 2.10GB (Compressed)
Sugggested RAM: 4GB (To Run All Instruments)

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