Global Audio Tools Realm

Global Audio Tools Realm

Global Audio Tools is very pleased to bring our fellow producers across the globe this all new futuristic tool we call “Realm Kontakt Library“. Designed by world class producers for producers of all genres as Realm Kontakt Library contains an array of instruments ranging from futuristic banjos ,guitars , to glassy plucks, saw sub low bass, pinch harmonics, crazy FX and more! This Kontakt library comes with over 150 NKI files to tweak, adjust, manipulate and play as you see fit, with onboard FX and a built in arp system for even further creative inspiration and possibilities! Realm Kontakt Library has proven worthy and is definitely a keeper for any sound arsenal, pick up your copy today!


175 NKI Files
Unzipped File Size: 9GB
Essential Onboard FX
Built In Arp System
Custom Graphic User Interface
Windows/Mac Compatible

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