Ableton Note for iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Ableton Note for iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Note is a place to form ideas, experiment with sounds and find direction. Get your ideas out or play until inspiration hits using a selection of Ableton Live's drum kits, synths and melodic instruments. Or create your own sound palette by recording the sounds around you into Note's sampler instruments using your phone's microphone.

Take your ideas further by sending your projects to Live without leaving the app using Ableton Cloud. Open projects from Live's browser and keep working – you can edit all your MIDI notes, and all your samples and sounds from Note are exactly the same. Ableton Note users will receive a free license for Ableton Live Lite – simple, intuitive software used by musicians, producers and DJs around the world to write, record, and perform.

Begin with a beat:
Choose from 56 Drum Sampler kits
Tap out a beat using the 16-pad grid
Quantize your beat to fix loose timing
Nudge notes to correct mistakes
Add more layers of rhythm
Create beat repetitions with Note Repeat
Change parameters to shape your sound
Experiment with effects or apply swing for variations

Start with a melody:
Choose from 261 synth sounds and 36 Melodic Sampler instruments
Play your melody or chord progression with either the 25-pad grid or piano roll
Set a key and scale to get instantly harmonic results
Overdub more layers of harmony
Change parameters to shape your sound
Add effects to experiment with sound design

Sample your environment:
Create your own kits by recording percussive sounds into Note's Drum Sampler
Record tonal sounds to create your own Melodic Sampler instruments
Manipulate your samples by cutting, filtering or repitching them
Shape or transform your sounds with effects
Import your own samples or audio directly from videos

Capture improvisations:
Play something, then tap the Capture button to keep it
Play at a tempo that feels comfortable and Note will detect it
Note will recognize the length of the phrase and create a loop
Quantize it, add to it, or change the sound
Connect MIDI hardware to play keys and change the sound of your instruments

Create variations:
Note features a grid-based Session View layout
Double your loops to create variation within clips
Duplicate your clips and create different versions of your ideas
Create eight tracks with up to eight clips on eight scenes
Try different clip combinations and song structures
Export your work as an audio file to listen and share

Requires iOS 15.0 or later.
iPhone iPad and iPod Touch

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