PastToFutureReverbs Eventide Space Pedal IRs Vol.1! Impulse Responses

One of the best-sounding guitar pedals reverbs out there! In this Vol. 1 we made the IR's of the wonderful sounding Hall programs
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BOOM Library Plucked Piano

On our search for interesting out-of-the-box cinematic sounds we came across the idea of playing the strings of a piano with a plectrum. We enjoyed the result so much that we want to share it with you. And here it is! Our samples cover 3 octaves with 3 round robins per note. This package contains 192 Samples that ship in 44.1kHz and 24-bit.
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IIInfinite West Coast Magic 3 (Analog Lab V Bank)

This bank includes 70 presets specifically designed to make West Coast beats! This kit includes, synth leads, synth basses, strings, keys, synths, bells, pads, and a guitar.
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Groove3 Revoice Pro 5 Explained

If you're looking for a convenient way to handle all your vocal editing and production chores, Revoice Pro 5 has you covered. Join production wizard Eli Krantzberg for a deep dive into this amazing tool and learn how it can help you get your vocals in shape quickly in one fell swoop. Whether you just need a quick bit of tuning, or you need to get surgical with removing the tiniest bits of sibilance or correct timing so it's deep in the groove, it can all be quickly and easily handled with Revoice Pro 5. This Revoice Pro 5 video course is designed for new Revoice Pro 5 users.
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Groove3 Console 1 Channel Mk III: Getting Started

If you're not a fan of the mouse, a control surface will likely put a smile on your face. But how about one that comes with a set of amazing plug-ins that rival the best gear in pro studios around the world? That's what you get with Softube's Console 1 Channel Mk III, and in this Console 1 Channel Mk III video course, Groove3 instructor Scott Fritz will walk you through each section and feature of this formidable tool, from basic setup to full DAW integration and more. By the end, you'll be ready to chuck your mouse and make Console 1 Channel Mk III the centerpiece of your studio. These videos are designed for new users of Console 1 Channel Mk III.
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Canary Julz No Frillz MIDI Pack

Get best Bang for your Buck with our brand new "No Frillz" MIDI Loop Pack! This Kit includes 30 custom made and all high quality Melodies and Chord progressions that will give you inspiration instantly. All Loops are suitable for almost any genre including Trapsoul, Melodic Trap, Dark Trap, R&B, Hip Hop & more.
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WavSupply Humblebee Polarity (MIDI + Loop Kit)

40 MIDIs & 50 Loops created by Humblebee of Internet Money.
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MixWithTheMasters BAINZ Mixing Tick Tock Young Thug

Bainz puts his analog gear to the test in this exclusive video series. The recording and mixing engineer joins us from his studio in Los Angeles to deconstruct the mix of a hard-hitting trap anthem by Young Thug. Mixed using a combination of plugins and hardware, you will learn new techniques for integrating outboard equipment into your workflow.
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Udemy Writing Melodies To Lyrics

This course will teach you everything you need to know about how to take those lyrics that have been sitting on the shelf and finally turn them into a hummable and memorable melody regardless of your skill level or knowledge of music theory. No matter if you're a complete beginner just starting out or a seasoned pro looking for a new perspective on writing songs, I'll show you a simple framework to go from writer's block, to inspired idea so you can quickly write the music that is most meaningful to you and ultimately, your audience.
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SkillShare Producing Music with Reason Section 4 First steps for a deeper exploration

In the previous classes, you learned the foundations of Reason, how to produce a music track and how to mix it. However, this is just the top of the iceberg in terms of creative possibilities!
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WaveShaper MR10 Drums

The MR-10 is a compact analogue drum machine from the early 80's made by Yamaha. It features 5 pads that you can hit to trigger the sounds and some cheesy tango & waltz presets.
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Ableton Live Suite 11 Sound Packs

Ableton Live Suite 11 Sound Packs List:
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Producer Loops Trappist

Producer Loop presents 'Trappist' - Your Passport to Trap Mastery! Unleash the thunderous 808s, spine-tingling synths, razor-sharp hi-hats, and hypnotic melodies rigorously designed to bring authenticity and professional Trap expertise into your own production. 'Trappist' equips you with all the tools to sculpt chart-topping anthems and electrify your sound.
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Touch Loops Reflections of Jazz

It's a great day when Mazi returns to the Touch Loops roster (Interview HERE). Purveyor of all things live instrument and jazz. Mazi returns with an absolute jazz must-have! Check out Mazi's 70's Film inspired pack - Rare 70's Library!
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Standalone-Music Ceres Vocal Pack

CERES vocal pack is standalone-music first of many vocal packs specifically designed for dance and house music. With a fresh new collaboration with none other than Alok, The Brazilian-born singer has received support from the likes of Dimitry Vegas & Like Mike, KVSH and FLAKKE, signed releases on Spinnin and Sony music, and her singles stacked over five million plays on Spotify.
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