Groove3 Softube Model 84 Explained

Join synth expert Thomas Cochran for a comprehensive Softube Model 84 video course! The Model 84 is a high-quality emulation of the famous Juno-106 from Roland, and in these Model 84 tutorials, you'll learn all about the oscillators, envelopes, filters, effects, and more, as well as gain a great deal of general knowledge on synthesis in the process. By the end of the course, you'll be creating your own patches like a pro! These videos are designed for new Softube Model 84 users.
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Groove3 Making Old School Samples with Logic Pro

If you like using samples to create your productions but are getting frustrated searching for just the right one, why not learn how to make your own? In this sound design video course, production guru Larry Holcombe teaches you how to do just that using nothing but Logic Pro. From old school sounding vocals, drums, and bass to all the ear candy like strings, horns, percussion, and more, it's all here! By the end of the course, you'll be ready to create your own custom samples that sound like you searched through crates of records. These sound design videos are great for anyone interested in making old school sounding samples, but they will be best for users of Logic Pro, since all the tools used and shown are found in Logic Pro.
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Kinema Sounds Cahon

155 loops at the following BPMs: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, and 150 Recorded in Kinema Audio's incredible Studio 2 (formerly a cinema auditorium) with a C414 BULS pair recorded into Neve 1073 Preamps and punchy Dynamics (MD421, EV20 and AudioD6) recorded through API 3214MB Preamps.
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PastToFutureReverbs Eventide H8000 Reverb Vol.2!

Here is Vol. 2 of one of our best-selling reverb IR's Eventide H8000!
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Mark Sargison Kaleidoscope Vol.1 Guitar Loops

Kaleidoscope Vol 1 is the first collection of samples from Mark Sargison and is aimed at electronica and IDM producers who are more adventurous in their approach to making music. All of the sounds were lovingly created using a huge range of sound sources and were processed using techniques that I have developed over a fifteen year period.
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SkillShare Music Theory How to use Chords and Scales

Music Theory is not a set of rules you shouldn't break. It is a set of tools that allow us to do things. In this class you will learn the building blocks of music theory and how to take advantage of them in your own musical journey.
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Sample Tools by Cr2 RUMBLE (Stutter House and Garage)

Embark on a journey through the hypnotic beats and mesmerizing sounds of RUMBLE – an electric pack covering a range of vibrant genres! With a meticulous collection of over 550 samples, this pack delves deep into the sounds of Garage, Future Deep, Stutter House, and more. It's an exploration of the unique sounds that shape the future of electronic music.
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Ja Beats Music Flow 28 Type Drums (Samples)

Es nuestra nueva librería de Dembow Dominicano basada en los estilos del dembow actual pero haciendo énfasis especial en el estilo de Flow 28 (artista urbano). El paquete de muestras contiene todos los Samples necesarios para realizar el dembow dominicano contemporáneo (aplausos, congas normales y sintéticas, 808, bajos sintéticos, percusiones – drums, y efectos) lo que permite producir este ritmo sin dar muchas vueltas buscando los sonidos específicos.
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Boom Bap Labs Amen Barbarian Breaks Vol 1

Diggers of The Lost Art PresentsTitle: Barbarian Breaks 1Designed by: AmenCategory: BreakbeatsAmen hits you with another killer breakbeats compilation. Super rare and ready to chop, those 40 gems come from various regions of the world including Japan, Spain, France, China, Brazil, Indonesia, Germany and much more. Get Barbarian Breaks 1 and add mad heat to your sound collection. Producer's don't sleep.WAV 44.1Khz / 16 bits40 Breakbeats
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