Audio Imperia Meteorite

Meteorite is a collection dedicated to trailer music and modern cinematic composers. The 250 patches for Xfer Serum range from dark, gritty and screaming basses, warm and evolving atmospheres, mellow and evocative Pads, rich and earth-shaking Pulses, and diverse FX. 
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Alphaz96 The Phonk Kit

Shadxwbxrn Style, House, Agressive, Memphis (scroll down for info)FLP of a very uniqe Song made by Alphaz96 This kit includes unique sounds for: Serum and Vital You will get the handmade Theme that you can see in Alphaz96's Tiktoks
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Music Protest Optimize Your Music Production Workflow with Cubase Logical Editor

From managing tracks to massive time-saving shortcuts, Cubase Pro's Logical Editor (for MIDI) and the Project Logical Editor (for Projects) can perform tedious, repetitive tasks and help you get back to you uninterrupted workflow. In this course, you'll learn how to build your own presets for both the Logical Editor and the Project Logical Editor (PLE). This tools are game changers that many Cubase pros don't fully understand, but which offer real time-savings and they're useful in literally ANY workflow... If you understand how to design your own presets.
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Gowler Music Radio Static

Radio Static #GM0009 is a collection of twenty high quality radio static sound effects (WAV). Recorded using different units and over different frequencies to ensure a diverse range of static sounds, this collection is great for anyone looking to add a classic sound effect to their project
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PastToFutureReverbs ES-175 Jazz Guitar

After we made the muted jazz guitar we got so many requests for making a normal version of our trusty old Gibson ES-175 Jazz Guitar! And we made it in the best possible way recording it directly to our 15 IPS Revox A77 Tape recorder.
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Maxeyy Stash V3 Drum Kit

This is my new stash drum kit! It has everything you need to make hard, dirty sounding beats, from 808s to textures and SFX, plus much more. I was going for some harder, dirtier sounds for this kit. Sounds for some hard, dark Key Glock, 21 Savage, Metro Boomin and Travis Scott type beats.
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Boom Bap Labs Amen Drum Royal Vol.1

With more than 140 special quality drum one-shots, Drum Royal is the best drum kit from Amen. Delivering only the best sounds, all meticulously designed to give you maximum punch and character. Every sound is created from scratch using the Amen secret drum layering and filtering technique. You get 30 kicks, 30 snares, and 30 hi-hats with 52 extra bonus sound like percussions, drum rolls, sound effects, and more. Reload your sampler with these fantastic high caliber premium sounds. All files are in universal WAV format at 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16 bits resolution. All sounds are designed by Amen from Hellzwind.
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SkillShare Your Guide to Drum Programming in Ableton Live

Within this class I will guide you through everything you need to know to start programming your own drums in Ableton Live. What You'll Learn
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Sumeenk Paradox Sample Pack

10 placement-ready loops inspired by Travis Scott and Don Toliver Loop stems and MIDI included
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Boom Bap Labs Amen Filthy Gems 1

Amen Presents Filthy Gems Sample PackSamples contained in this pack are not royalty-free. While I was in the lab preparing for the next Grimey Gemz, I wanted to keep y'all busy with these records I've found exploring this old antique shop! This crate of LP's & 45's was so dusty and stuck under a wooden shelf in the back of the store. By the time I finished previewing the LP's my hands was covered with so much filth, I decided to call this pack: filthy gems. You get 27 carefully hand-picked samples from raw guitars to grime piano melodies and haunting chords. All in universal WAV format at 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16 bits resolution.
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Bogren Digital IRDX

IRDX Core Speaker Dynamics Breathe life into your guitar amp sims and cabinet impulse responses. Simply add IRDX Core after your guitar amp or IR loader plugin and discover the natural movement, the 3D sensation, the slightly jagged edges, and the unpredictability you could previously only obtain by recording an actual guitar cabinet at high volumes with a microphone.
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THR Compactor

THR Compactor: Your Go-To Audio Compressor Plug-In! Compression at its finest! Unleash the full potential of your audio recordings with the THR Compactor, a versatile and user-friendly audio compressor plug-in designed to enhance your music production experience no matter if you're a complete beginner or a seasoned pro!
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THR LowEnhance

THR LowEnhance – Improve the way your Low End sounds! Experience a Tight and Punchy Low End Achieve professional-grade results with LowEnhance, the ultimate audio plugin for enhancing your low frequencies. Compress, saturate, and sculpt your bass to perfection, transforming muddy mixes into tight and powerful soundscapes.
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THR MB-Control

THR MB-Control: Intuitive Multiband Compression! 3-Band Multiband Compressor Elevate your audio with precision and ease using THR MB-Control, the intuitive 3-band multiband compressor designed for producers and audio engineers who demand both quality and flexibility in their workflow.
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UNKWN Sounds Beryl (Compositions and Stems)

Beryl contains 10 original compositions ranging from soul, latin, and a variety of other hybrid genre influences. UNKWN alongside a team of session players have recorded a majority of each composition using live instrumentations such as the upright piano, brass, bass guitar, etc.. and a collection of analog synthesizers from the Moog to the notorious Prophet 6. These samples will ignite instant inspiration for your next project.
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