Aotbb KUNJANI: Amapiano and Chill

'KUNJANI - Amapiano & Chill' by AOTBB is an All-In-One Sample Pack loaded with 330+ Files in Total, including 152 WAV Loops, 98 MIDI Files, 82 One-Shots and 6 Log Drum Presets. KUNJANI will supply you with never heard before needed for your next Amapiano Hit Record.
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Deep Data Loops 80s Disco

Deep Data Loops built 10 construction kits of songs that you could have heard when being in a club in the 1980s. Typical instrumentation of that era is used to create WAV loops of rhythm and harmonies. All of these are provided as MIDI files as well so you have multiple possibilities to alter these royalty free kits.
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RealBox Conga Quinto and Tumba

RealBox Conga has been developed with a focus on sonic authenticity. Samples have been captured in 32 bits and 48 kHz, using high-end microphones and instruments of exceptional quality. The result is a fresh and realistic sound that immerses you in the richness and warmth of traditional congas.
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sochi #singularity kit '23

THE BEATPACK (all beats/mels in this kit made with the kit) the intention of this kit was to create a new and fresh sound, with this kit you will find sounds and presets that i formulated and use myself.
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Plughugger Atmospheric Guitar

Atmospheric Guitar is a conceptual soundset where we focus on a specific type of sounds in the Omnisphere sample library. Previous releases have focused in on pianos (Altered Piano and Inferno), Cellos and Bowed instruments (Cellos of Darkness) and prolific synth sounds (Mints and The Coil), this collection is diving deep into the wealth of detailed sampled guitars.
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Vicious Antelope 12 Gods Bundle Omnisphere 2

12 Gods Bundle contains all 12 soundbanks for Spectrasonics Omnisphere with 600 presets perfectly designed for cinematic and electronic music. It contains the following soundbanks:
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Groove3 FL Studio Making Your First Beat

If you use FL Studio and are completely new to beat-making, you're in good hands. FL Studio guru Tyler Coffin will teach you how to create your very own first beat from the ground up, including sample selection, using tools like Stem Separation, editing and refining, adding effects, and more. By the end of this FL Studio course, you'll be well-versed in the process and ready to start building a beat library of your own! These videos are designed for users with basic FL Studio familiarity.
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Groove3 Making Old School Samples with NI Plugins

If you're looking to create some of your own vintage, old-school-sounding samples and loops for use in your productions, this is for you. In this informative Native Instrument video course, production expert Larry Holcombe takes you step-by-step through the sample and sound design process, using nothing but Native Instruments virtual instruments and plug-ins. You'll learn how to create vintage drum grooves, add percussion, create chord progressions and basslines, add tape wobble effects and other lo-fi touches, and much more. These videos are designed for those with basic familiarity with Native Instruments plug-ins, virtual instruments, and their DAW of choice.
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Gowler Music Cinematic Impacts

Cinematic Impacts #GM0012 is a collection of essential impact sounds for music producers and filmmakers. Created using variety of Foley samples that have been layered and manipulated the end result is a high quality offering that will add a diverse range of impacts, hits and jolts to any sample collection.
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Kinema Sounds Bodhran

141 loops at the following BPMs: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, and 150. Recorded in Kinema Audio's incredible Studio 2 (formerly a cinema auditorium) with a C414 BULS pair recorded into Neve 1073 Preamps and punchy Dynamics (MD421, EV20 and AudioD6) recorded through API 3214MB Preamps.
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Boom Bap Labs Amen Imperial Vaults Vol.2

This pack is not royalty-free. Amen from Hellzwind is back once again to deliver rare and unique gems from his secret dungeon. With direct access to the Imperial Vaults underneath the Boom Bap Labs, Amen is on a mission to bring you his marvellous discoveries only he can find. Imperial Vault is a new series that will surely provide you the best in quality samples so you can be miles ahead of the competition. This pack contains 20 raw samples with majority having 2 to 3 different variation parts. All files are in universal WAV format, 44.1Khz, 16 bits resolution.
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Imago Meri Relics

this pack is consisting of 30 sounds, all created over the course of these recent months. These are the sounds that, for various reasons, did not make it into other kits, but taken individually, we believe they can shine on their own.
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Vicious Antelope 101 PadSH Vol.2 Lush 2

101 PadSH Vol.2 contains 51 classic synth pads for D16 Lush 2 synthesizer. All sounds are inspired by classic 80's and 90's synth sounds and they are very versatile in terms of music genres. Where they really shine are in new age, synthpop, Synthwave, Pop music and early electronic styles.
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Zound Eclipse Reggaeton Sample Pack Vol.01

Este Sample Pack Contiene: 10 Samples 34 Midis
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Udemy Mastering Music Production: Create Your Own Music

Elevate Your Artistic Voice with Songwriting, Mixing, Vocals, and More in this Comprehensive Music Creation Journey. What you'll learn
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