Roli Equator 2 Analog Filmscore Soundpack

Take a trip back in time with Analog Filmscore, an Equator2 and ROLI Studio soundpack stacked with luscious pads, grainy leads, vintage polysynths and otherworldly textures. Whether you're composing for a horror B-movie, nostalgic documentary or synthwave track that evokes the 1970s and 80s, Analog Filmscore has intricate MPE presets to reel in any audience.
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Boom Bap Labs Amen Abandoned Vaults Vol.5

On a trip to this undisclosed location in a quiet forest Amen found this abandoned cabin. As he stayed at the place for a few days and nights he discovered this secret entrance under a floor carpet. This door led to a dark basement full of dusty record crates. He compiled what he found and made this amazing sample pack filled with 10 samples of various flavors. Most samples comes in 2 or 3 different parts. You can chop and reconstruct to your need or just simply drag n drop and loop as is. For the price the potential is huge. Grab yourself 1 or 2 packs like this and your set to deliver highly flammable raw bangers. Highly recommended.
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Authentic Music Library The Dust Tape: Pink Edition

"Mr. Authentic" Known for his professional work with Cam'ron, Nas, Lloyd Banks, Dave East, Juelz Santana, Tory Lanez, Jim Jones, Vado, Don Q, Capone-n-Noreaga, Kxng Crooked, MTV, BET & NETFLIX you will be sure to find something in this pack that works with your production style.
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TheAttic Wonky BoomBap Drum Loops (Lofi Ed​.​)

Included 50 drum Loops By TheAttic
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shoncix.beatstars Mega Brasil Funk Kit

This is the biggest multi-kit we put up for the past few months. We've packed a huge amount of sounds to help you make any style of Brazilian funk (Funk de BH, Mandelão, Funk de RJ, etc)
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Lick Library Classic Albums Extreme Extreme II : Pornograffitti

"Extreme II: Pornograffitti (A Funked Up Fairy Tale)" is the second album by the American rock band Extreme, released in 1990. In a time when hair rock ruled the airwaves, one album broke the mould, Extreme II - Pornograffitti not only placed Boston funk rockers, Extreme at the top of the MTV playlist, but elevated Nuno Bettencourt to true guitar hero status. With guitar riffs exuding swagger and groove, blistering fills and blazing guitar solos which still provide a technical benchmark for rock guitarists more than 30 years later.
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Lick Library Classic Albums Deep Purple Burn

"Burn" is the eighth studio album by the legendary British rock band Deep Purple, released in February 1974. This album marked a significant change in the band's lineup, as it was the first to feature then-new members David Coverdale (vocals) and Glenn Hughes (bass, vocals), who replaced Ian Gillan and Roger Glover, respectively. However, the guitar wizardry of Ritchie Blackmore remained intact, and this album showcases his incredible talent and innovative techniques. Burn hit number three on the UK Albums Chart and number nine on the US Billboard 200, making it one of the band’s highest-rated and critically acclaimed releases.
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Udemy Music Exemplified Part 8

Embark on a captivating musical odyssey with our course, "Music Exemplified," where the rich tapestry of diverse musical styles unfolds, offering participants a comprehensive exploration of masterpieces across genres, eras, and cultures. This course is tailor-made for music enthusiasts, aspiring composers, and anyone eager to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the myriad expressions that music has to offer.
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Beatsinner Gamut Multi-Kit (Preorder)

gamut – the complete range or scope of something. a graduated series running from one possible extreme to another. ⥅ this kit contains a collection of 450 drums, one shots, earcandy, textures, and creative tools to enhance all aspects of your music. the idea was to provide a range of sounds that any producer, no matter how experienced or inexperienced, could utilize for a variety of genres (gamut). with this kit, you'll be able to create music like never before.
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Roli FXpansion Strobe2 All About That Bass Soundpack

Everybody loves bass! Strobe2 Expander: All About That Bass is a collection of low frequency sounds designed to work in any style. From monstrous reeses to acid squelches and classic analogue tones, this Strobe2 Expander will add weight and depth to any production. Whether your tastes in bass are acid, EDM, 70's funk, jungle, radiophonic workshop or anything in between, we've got you covered.
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Udemy The Art of Piano (For Everybody) (Beginner to Master Level)

Mastering The Piano Art with The Informations That Can Not Be Found on The Internet and Any Other Books What you'll learn:
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LickLibrary Neil Young Guitar Lessons

Learn how to play 'Heart Of Gold' with this Neil Young acoustic guitar lesson. This acoustic folk guitar lesson will teach you how to play 'Needle And The Damage Done'. Use this Neil Young acoustic guitar lesson to get an insight into Neil Young's famous acoustic guitar technique and song writing approach.
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LickLibrary Mr Big Guitar Lessons

Learn how to play one of the biggest acoustic guitar songs of the 90's with this 'To Be With You' Mr Big acoustic guitar song lesson. You'll learn how to play the main 'To Be With You' guitar chords plus the top Paul Gilbert acoustic guitar solo too.
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LickLibrary Eric Clapton Guitar Lessons

Learn how to play the blues guitar licks and full songs from the guitarist who started it all – Eric Clapton. Our wide selection of Eric Clapton blues guitar lessons will give you the Eric Clapton guitar licks to set your blues guitar playing alight! If you want to become a better blues guitarist then working your way through learning how to play Eric Clapton's greatest guitar moments will teach you how to play simple blues guitar licks and riffs with the great blues guitar tone, phrasing and timing which has made Eric Clapton, arguably, one of the most important electric guitar players of our time.
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LickLibrary Classic Albums: Slowhand

On Slowhand, Clapton's matured sense of tone, feel and phrasing are captured across some of his greatest ever recordings. This Classic Album course is a chance to truly learn some game changing guitar skills from the album which defined one of the greatest blues rock guitarists of all time. Learn to play the following: Cocaine, Wonderful Tonight, Lay Down Sally, We're All the Way, Next Time You See Her, The Core, May You Never, Mean Old Frisco, Peaches and Diesel
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