PastToFutureReverbs EMT 250 Digital Reverb!

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Saï T Diskette Drums Vol.1

190 sounds (kicks, snares, hi-hats, percussions, basses) in 16bit / 44.1khz WAV format. Compatible with ALL DAW & hardware (Logic, Reason, Ableton, FL Studio, Protools, MPCs, SP404, etc...)
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Saï T Diskette Drums Vol.2

What’s good fam, I’m finally bringing you volume 2 of my own drum pack. I picked up a real drum kit and microphones since the first drop, and I made sure this pack slaps even harder!
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The Rucker Collective Sampler Vol.2

The Rucker Collective Sampler Vol. 2 is a sample pack previewing 10 of the best selections composed by Motif Alumni and Fam from The Rucker Collective packs. Utilizing anything that is handed to Motif Alumni, these collections are made with vintage instruments ranging from Rhodes Mark II, ARP Odyssey, Moog keyboards, Crumar Performer, Guitars, Drums, etc. Everything is authentically made to give you that feel like you are pulling a classic gem out of your wall except you don't have to worry about getting it cleared! Motif's work has gotten him credits with the likes of: Snoop Dogg, Dave East, The Lox, Fat Joe, Lloyd Banks, DITC, etc. and composition work with: Araabmusik, 808 Mafia, Black Metaphor, etc.
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Prisma Music Library Vol.2  (Compositions)

Producers Beatnick Dee and DJ Rybe present Prisma Music Library Vol. 2 - Both long time diggers, with almost 30 years combined experience studying and searching for records, they've transferred all of that knowledge and understanding into their original sample libraries. With a mix of vst's and rare vintage gear, including a mysterious Russian Synthesizer, the Ensoniq SQ80, and the Micro Moog, this versatile library has gems for hard trap songs, as well as grimy boom bap, and luxurious Soul.
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Groove3 Logic Pro Vintage Keyboards Explained

If you use Logic Pro, you may know you already have a formidable collection of vintage keyboard emulations at your disposal. With this Logic Pro video course from Logic expert Eli Krantzberg, you'll go on a deep dive into each, the Vintage B3 Organ, Vintage Electric Piano, Vintage Clav, and Vintage Mellotron, learning the ins and outs of all their tone-shaping parameters, effects, and more. By the end, you'll know exactly how to get the sounds you want from each, along with several useful tips for MIDI hardware control and more. These Logic Pro vintage keyboard videos are designed for new users of these virtual instruments.
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Groove3 D16 Silverline Delays and Reverbs Explained

Join production wizard Larry Holcombe for an in-depth look at three time-based effects from D16's Silverline collection: Spacerek, Toraverb 2, and Tekturon. If you're tired of just scrolling presets or spending too much time hunting for a sound, this is the D16 video course for you! You'll learn how to coax all types of sounds—from practical to experimental and everything in between—quickly and with authority, so you can save valuable time and improve your workflow. These D16 videos are designed for new D16 Silverline users.
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KelC Sloopy Loops (Sloopy Loops 2nd Edition)

KelC presents the 2nd installment of SLOOPY LOOPS. SLOOPY LOOPS 2 [SLOOPY 2NDS EDITION]!
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Wax Cartel Vanguard One

Vanguard One is the first sample pack from Wax Cartel producers Sinopsis and Soul. Soul's instrumentation is featured on tracks alongside J. Cole, SIR, Black Thought, T.I., Rapsody, Pj Morton & others. This release was inspired by the ambient and mellow soundscapes often found in the modern neo-soul genre.
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Cryptic Mosaic Drum Library (Compositions and Stems)

a drum library featuring 20 drumloops (including stems) composed by arranging together small pieces of audio fragments, acoustic, analog & digital sound sources and signature earcandy accents + textures; originally created, processed and arranged by © cryptic.
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Boom Bap Labs Alpha Centori Crates From The Forgotten Citadel

There are rumours that a total of 50 samples are contained in the golden crates of the Citadel of Xavios. The quest was undertaken by many brave adventurers, but none succeeded. Together with Torbolt the wizard and Juzee the elf, you have decided to face the perilous dangers that await and finally retrieve those legendary crates. You and your team are the only ones who can save those samples. I wish you the best of luck! All files are in universal WAV format at 44.1Khz sampling rate and 16-bit resolution. Only 25 copies available worldwide.
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Moment Princess Girlfriend 3, a tracey brakes moment

In the last installment of the “Princess Girlfriend” series, our scythe-wielding sonic sorceress let 300 sounds loose into the hands of the music-making masses…leaving a trail of computer cries, catchy melodies, and inflated sonics in her wake, topping the Splice charts for months. Now, synth warlock Tracey Brakes is back after a year of hysterical tinkering - as well as collaborations with artists such as Bring me the Horizon - with the highly anticipated ‘Princess Girlfriend 3,’ this time with even more emphasis on variety and sonic exploration.
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CLARO BEATS French Vibes Vol.2

After the success of the first volume, claro beats has prepared a little surprise for the end of the year. Enjoy and have a good New Year's Eve
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RARE Percussion Afro Percs Vol.1

The Afro Percs series spans a wide range of percussive instruments from the incredible musical continent of Africa. Thiol and Mbalax Sabar drums from Senegal, Kalimbas from South Africa, Djembe from Guinea, Tama from Mali, Talking Drums and Bata from Nigeria, and so many more incredible sounds and instrumentation from Africa.
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Sound Doctrine The Appeal

Sound Doctrine presents “The Appeal,” once again featuring the gospel compositions of artist Swoope accompanied by vocals from Kimberly Porter and friends. Gospel is soul and with these loops we know the sounds will set the table for you to make timeless music. Whether it's hip-hop, r&b, soul, house and beyond, the sounds of gospel are pivotal foundations or 'garnishes' for any project.
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