WeTheSound Late To The Party

"Late to the Party" is a sample pack that contains 7 compositions, each with a unique and diverse sound. The pack is perfect for producers looking for a variety of musical inspiration, whether it's for a new track or to add some spice to an existing project. The compositions range from upbeat and energetic to mellow and atmospheric, and cover a wide range of genres including electronic, hip hop, and pop.
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ModeAudio Post-Rock

Immerse yourself in the hypnotic and experimental realm of post-rock with this rich palette of multisampled instruments, sounds and loops that capture the genre's distinct textures and tones.
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SoundBits Screams and Shouts 2 Humans

The “Screams & Shouts 2 | Humans” sound effects library brings you over 1.200 human shouts of pain and death, disturbing screams plus grunts of anger, struggle and attack from several men, women and children.
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BeldonDidThat JUSTVIBES! (Sample Pack)

This kit features: 20 SAMPLE LOOPS (Wheezy, Huncho Jack, Metro Boomin, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, TM88 & MANY MORE!)
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The Producer Kit Fine Wine Guitar Loops Vol.1

The crisply captured guitar loops are available both with effects ready to drop into a mix, as well as unprocessed, for you to chop, rearrange, and twist to your desire. Featuring 28 electric guitar and 72 acoustic loops, for a total of 100, there's a vineyard of inspiration waiting for you inside this package. The crisply captured guitar loops are available both with effects ready to drop into a mix, as well as unprocessed, for you to chop, rearrange, and twist to your desire.
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CAMEone Music Library Vol.2 (Compositions and Stems)

All engineered, produced and composed by CAMEone15 original samples with BPMs Compatible with any DAW Created using A Moog Sub37, Dave Smith Prophet 8 Rev2 and A handful of virtual instruments
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Udemy Ableton Live Fundamentals Complete Music Production Guide

Learn music production and theory with this comprehensive Ableton Live course. Create your first song from scratch! What you'll learn
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Ask Video iZotope RX 10 Video Manual

iZotope's RX 10 is a powerful but complex audio repair toolkit. No need to read the fine manual... Check out this RX 10 Video Manual by audio expert Joe Albano and learn to turn your imperfect audio into pristine recording faster than you can say "RX"!
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Phil Speiser THE_HACK Expansion Bundle for Ableton Live 11

Every genre is defined by special chord-voicings. With the expansions for HIP HOP, DANCE and NEO / RNB you will get all the presets you need to create unlimited progressions that will instantly sound like the progressions used in your favorite records.
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Domatix Patreon December 2022

This bundle contains: Ableton Live Rack - 3 FL Studio Rack - 3
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Home of Sound Masterclass with VSK

The Italian born, Berlin-based producer will guide you through his best techniques and methods for sampling and manipulating audio. VSK has spent the last few years honing his craft and touring internationally, playing in some of the best clubs the world has to offer. Having recently launched his own label, VSK Series, he has also had the chance to releases with such labels as SOMA, MORD, 47, Perc Trax, Planet Rhythm and many others.
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Toolbox Samples Lounge Jazz Piano

Close your eyes and imagine you're in a swanky hotel bar listening to sweet soothing piano music as you sip the finest wine. We are excited to present Lounge Jazz Piano. Inside this pack you will find 40x Jazz progressions that can be used in a variety of styles. We give you both wet and dry forms so you have complete control with the progressions. Played by a professional jazz musician, give your track that flair with out of the box progressions! Contents: 40x Wet Piano Loops 40x Dry Piano Loops
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Phil Speiser The Instrument

THE VIRTUAL INSTRUMENT. REIMAGINED.THE_INSTRUMENT will be your new musical brain – and you are the director! From now on it's about your ideas, and the fun of turning them into reality with endless inspiration. When I made my first track using the a prototype of THE_INSTRUMENT after months of developing and countless drawbacks, I instantly knew:
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Samplestar Platinum Trap Beats V2

Samplestar are very proud to present Platinum Trap Beats V2! A sublime collection of six infectious heavy hitting production kits bursting with chart laden melodic hooks and fresh contemporary trap beats.
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Unmute Cosmos

Catchy melodies enhanced by the warmth and power of analog sounds from the past... This is our vision of music! Right on time for hot summer days, our new sample collection will provide you with the essential elements to break the dancefloor: groovy bass lines, funky guitar progressions, the magic of talkbox sounds and many more, becoming your best allies in your new productions!
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