Audentity Records Lush Future Soul 3

Delivering the third edition of one of the most popular genres of 2019 and 2020: Lush Future Soul 3. This pack contains a huge collection of soulful RnB sounds, vintage electronics & atmospheric drones, chord and bass loops, silky melodies, deep vocal chops, crackles, & Lofi ambient. Our team have used some new studio different techniques to obtain a more authentic soulful feeling in this pack. Are you looking for a great new samplepack with RnB, Future R'n'B, Future Soul and Chillout ingredients? Look no further, this is Lush Future Soul 3, produced by your fav samplepack label Audentity Records. All royalty free.
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The Producer School Intensity

The ultimate Future Rave sample pack for Xfer including presets, samples, MIDI files, vocals & more. 100+ Presets. Dive into the entrancing new world of Future Rave with an incredible array of carefully modulated sounds and effects. Blending and transcending music genres, Future Rave combines the mesmerising impact of trance with the pure essence of Big Room House, bringing to life a sound that’s conquered dancefloors worldwide.
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Hooks in Popular Music

This volume is the first book-length study of hooks in popular music. Hooks - those memorable musical moments for listeners such as a riff or catchy melodic phrase "“ are arguably the guiding principle of much modern popular music. The concept of the hook involves aspects of melody, rhythm, harmony, production, lyrical and cultural meaning - and how these interact within a song's topline and backing track.
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Udemy Ableton Live The Complete Course Taught In Arabic

Ableton Live is by far the best DAW for Music Producers, Live performers, Audio Engineers, Sound designers and any Musician in general. This course is for all levels, whether you've never opened it in your life or are an experienced Producer looking to make the switch, this course is for you.
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Udemy Piano Basic Foundation

If you are a complete beginner and want to start from 0, then this course is for you! You will learn basic piano skills, reading sheet music, basic musical theory, the importance of counting when playing, hand coordination, the benefits of learning a new instrument and so much more!
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AudioFriend Key Riffs

100 electric piano loops with different sound characteristics.
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Groove3 Yum Audio Slap Explained

In this in-depth Yum Audio Slap video course, music production guru Thomas Cochran details for you how to process your electronic drums in style with Yum Audio's Slap plugin - a program dedicated to easy drum enhancement or replacement. You'll learn how to make effective use of all six powerful modules in Slap (Shape, Fat, Clap, Sub, Spray, and Clip), how to use other helpful tools like the Visualizer and Click Replacer, and more. These videos are for new Slap users.
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Groove3 Ableton Live Sampler Explained

Join DAW expert Larry Holcombe for an in-depth look at the Ableton Live Sampler! It's an amazingly powerful tool for manipulating and creating unique, expressive sounds you can use to put your own personal sonic stamp on your productions. With these informative video Ableton Live Sampler video tutorials, you'll learn how to trim, tune, reverse, modulate, arppegiate samples and much more. These videos are for new Ableton Live Sampler users.
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Samples Choice 808 Bass Shots

Samples Choice is proud to present: 808 Bass Shots. The pack contains 164 massive 808 bass samples from deep, sub to punchy, slide and distorted. A gorgeous collection of 808 bass shots inspired by the best Trap & Drill artists as Pop Smoke, Migos, Travis Scott, XXXTentacion, Drake, Post Malone, J Cole and many more. Pack details: 164 x wav 44.1 khz 24-bit Note: the pack contains only 808 Bass Shots, The music and drums of the demo are from our Drill & Trap sample packs. Other genres that this package may be useful in: Hip Hop Bass Music Electronic EDM
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Band-in-a-Box 2023 Build 1001

This includes many major new features. There are Partial Track Re-Generations, with an on-screen Regeneration Panel and an Always Different setting to get up to 40 variations on any RealTracks. Undo - Track Generation and Undo - Song Generation is added. You can now copy, cut, paste, delete, insert, and do other editing functions to the RealTracks/RealDrums tracks, while preserving the ability for the tracks to re-generate new material. Auto-Save Song prevents data loss. Playable Tracks are enhanced for Playable RealTracks (404 new Sforzando sounds, 700 total - all with Audio Demos), and now include Playable RealDrums, MIDI SuperTracks and MIDI tracks.
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SlimeMob Drumkit Vol.1

Kit Contains: 8 Custon 808z 8 Custom Clapz
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Audiofier Veevum Luna

VEEVUM LUNA is the grittier of all VEEVUMs. With this instrument we wanted to stretch our imagination and vision for sound. We recorded synths through guitar pedals, drenched in an ever changing effect chain.
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UNKWN Sounds Kyanite (Compositions and Stems)

Kyanite contains 11 original compositions ranging from soul, latin, and a variety of other hybrid genre influences. UNKWN alongside a team of session players have recorded a majority of each composition using live instrumentations such as the upright piano, brass, bass guitar, etc.. and a collection of analog synthesizers from the Moog to the notorious Prophet 6. These samples will ignite instant inspiration for your next project.
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MSXII Sound The Power Play Sessions (Compositions and Stems)

What do you get when you mix the heart and soul of vintage analog synths + unfiltered soulful vibes? You get the MSXII Power Play Sessions. Mellotron, Moog Model D, Juno 106, Arturia Matrixbrute, Prophet X, numerous pedals and much more. All analog. All dopeness. Vintage vibes and compositions to flip in your production!
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Future Loops ATL TRAP KITS

Future Loops presents ATL Trap Kits a deluxe collection of royalty-free samples & loops for Hip Hop and Trap producers! ATL Trap Kits bring you 15 state-of-the-art construction kits inspired by the Atlanta Trap and Hip Hop sound: expect to find tight rollin beats, low basslines, slithering leads and sequenced arp hooks, moody pianos , string & brass hits , cool vocal FX & much more!
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