Midi Godz Middle East Vocal Loops

Contains 644 Vocal Loops ​- Raw Vocals - Layered Vocals
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Midi Godz Lo-Fi Vocal Loops

Contains 288 Vocal Loops - Raw Vocals - Layered Vocals
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SkillShare Learn How To Dj With Just Your Laptop No Dj Equipment Needed

In this class you can learn the basics of DJing just by using your laptop. This is possible because you can use the keys on your keyboard just like you would use the buttons on actual DJ decks.
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Joezee Music Earth Walker (808 MIDI & Loop Kit)

It's time to make your 808s competitive in today's music industry. If you are looking for those hard-hitting and crazy bending 808 lines then this kit is for you! The 808 is a key element in any record nowadays and it creates the foundation for the rhythm of the song. This Sample Pack was specially developed for Trap but can also be used for Hip Hop, Rap and R&B.
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Haze Victory Lap Sample Collection

This kit contains 90 samples, including individual stems, of the elite caliber that have enabled me to produce songs for Future, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Lil Uzi Vert, Polo G, Roddy Ricch, Kodak Black, Rod Wave, NBA Youngboy, and countless other artists.
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Bsterthegawd WHY NOT KILL? Drumkit

hi! the support on GAWDS NEVER DIE is truly unreal! here are some sounds to enjoy from the GAWDS NEVER DIE album
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Sick Noise Instruments AZARIT

AZARIT – Psytrance presets pack for Vital Wavetable Synthesizer This pack contains 60 high quality presets, carefully designed to bring the next level to your production.
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The Rucker Collective: Shades of Bleu

The Rucker Collective is a sound design/production company formed with the intention of delivering original sounds for producers to sample that are hassle-free on the clearance side & to fill the void for fans of library music.
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Initial Audio Chiptune Sektor Expansion

Chiptune for Sektor provides various new presets in categories including arps, bass, fx, leads, pads, keys and plucks, inspired by vintage video game console sounds and songs like Ayo Technology by 50cent and Justin Timberlake.
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Diligence Perfume Kit

This drumkit contains all my sounds ( unique presets, unique samples, unique mixers, etc ...). Here is the list of what it contains :
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Shishy New Endings Kit

13 808s6 reece 17 clap 28 fx
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Ask Video Polyend Tracker 101 Polyend Tracker Beginners Guide

The Polyend Tracker is the first hardware tracker ever created. Watch this course to discover every feature of this unique standalone workstation, and get "tracking" with trainer and music producer Nigel Broad!
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Ask Video Ozone 10 201 Mastering With Ozone

iZotope Ozone 10 offers all the tools you need to achieve a pro-sounding master. Join house music producer Olav Basoski in this course to see exactly how he does it! Mastering music is often said to be a mysterious and difficult task, but Ozone 10 makes it easier than ever to quickly add that final polish to your tracks. In this 20-tutorial hands-on course, producer Olav Basoski takes you on a mastering journey as he masters one of his own house track and shows you precisely how he proceeds.
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Bigwerks Big Sauce

This library contains some of our best work to date! With a ton of new sounds, and TWO drum kits filled with high quality, top notch sounds. With a large variety of high quality sounds (Synth & Real Instruments) Big Sauce makes it easyto create your own wave of music.
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Singomakers Neurofunk The Purge

This is not a test. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Annual Purge sanctioned by Singomakers!
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