Groove3 Pro Tools Intro Getting Started

If you're just starting out on the free version of Pro Tools Intro, there can be a pretty steep learning curve, which can be quite intimidating to those just getting started. This Pro Tools Intro video course with Groove3 instructor Thomas Cochran makes it easy, teaching you the most important must-know concepts with clear, easy-to-understand demonstrations and explanations. You'll learn how to get started with Pro Tools Intro and set up your hardware (audio interface, speakers, etc.), how to record audio and MIDI, how to edit your recordings, and much more. By the end of this near-three-hour course, you'll be well on your way to turning your musical ideas and compositions into full-fledged audio recordings that sound great, using the industry-standard DAW, Pro Tools. These videos are for new Pro Tools Intro users.
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Riemann Kollektion Riemann Tribal Techno 2

If you want to get that tribal percussion sound into your Techno productions, this sample pack is for you! Inspired by producers like Ben Sims, Oliver Ho, Prime Records in the years around 2000, Oscar Mulero, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, DJ Surgeon and Richie Hawtin.
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Groove3 Mixing with Ozone 10 Explained

Although Ozone 10 is often used for audio mastering purposes, it excels for mixing purposes as well. In this Ozone 10 video course from mixing expert Larry Holcombe, you'll learn how to use the various tools of Ozone 10 to create the perfect mix - from gain-staging to bus processing and more. Learn how to treat and process each instrument (or group of instruments) and discover several tips and strategies for getting the most out of every element, whether it's a featured sound or a supportive one. What's better is that you'll have access to all the audio files from the session, so you can make all the same adjustments and hear the results in your own DAW. These videos are for intermediate mixing engineers and Ozone 10 users.
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Coobiak Archives Vol.2

-30 808s-15 claps -15 FXs -15 hihats
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Wav Monopoly Baby Going Crazy Vocal Preset Chain (Logic Pro X Stock Plugin Preset Pack)

Achieve that melodic Atlanta sound of the streets with this mixing template. Recording has never been easier, download and achieve the sound of your favorite artist in seconds. As easy as 1..2..3.. focus on your craft and let us handle the mixing and vocal setup for you.
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One Stop Shop Island Essentials Vol.1

One Stop Shop presents Island Essentials Vol.1. Produced & recorded by Krs. in Kingston, Jamaica with the contributions of Yo Criston on Bass & Grammy Nominated guitarist N'namdi Robinson.
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Polyverse Music Supermodal

POWERFUL FILTER | MODERN SOUND Polyverse Supermodal is a powerful filter with a modern sound that will make your music resonate. It remodels ordinary tracks utilizing its powerful Modal filter that emulates sonic characteristics modeled from a wide range resonating bodies. Combined with a parallel state-variable filter and expansive modulation system, a single audio signal can be manipulated into a wide array of frequencies to create shimmering cinematic soundscapes, pulsating rhythms, pads with harmonic motion, or anything else you can dream up.
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ModeAudio Skylight Ambient String Loops

As the heavy clouds begin to part, sunlight streaks down through the gloom, illuminating land and sky alike in vibrant colour and texture - welcome to the resplendent sound of Skylight - Ambient String Loops!
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Kuassa Efektor Whammo

High precision, pitch shifter/bender effect. A pitch sweeping effect unit that revolutionized music. Dive bomb from rumbling lows to squealing highs. Controllable via MIDI. A foot controller highly recommended for genuine pitch-shift/pitch-bend effects.
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Devious Machines Everything Devious 2

Infiltrator, Pitch Monster, Texture and Duck in a discounted bundle
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Prime Loops Mantis

This deep & dark Trap kit fuses classic Trap elements with next-level sound design. The result is a super crisp, heavy-weight, melodic, and deep-set of sounds that are completely unique and will help set you apart as a producer!
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Dear Reality dearVR MIX

Place yourself in the sweet spot of your ultimate mixing environment. dearVR MIX turns any studio headphones into a world-class stereo mix room with carefully designed acoustics - all through advanced spatial audio technology.
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Big Room Sound Household Appliances

A collection of sounds from everyday household appliances. Fridges, freezers, stoves, laundry machines and microwaves make it feel just like home.
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Sonarworks SoundID Reference

Full Confidence in Sound. SoundID Reference (the next-generation version of Reference 4) software calibrates your speakers and studio headphones.
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u-he Plugins Pack

This bundle contains all seven of our commercial effects plug-ins. A collection including EQ, reverb, compressor, delay, tape emulation, distortion, filtering and more… All the tools you need to tweak, modify, refine your sounds.
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