Ghosthack Origin Chapter 2 Arabic

Ideal for Film, Television and Video Game Production. Arabic is the second chapter of the Ghosthack Origin collection. The dry, arid expanse of the region is felt in every instrument, every sound, and every moment of the staggering 11GB of content included. Featuring enchanting vocals, a wide variety of hand-made ethnic instruments, incredibly dynamic performances, and unrivaled production quality. This pack will take you and your audience to the far reaches of the of the Arabic to experience its surrounding cultures, traditions and sounds. It's all brought together in epic form, with no end to what can be created.
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Ghosthack Origin Chapter 4 Paradox

Produce exciting music with an eclectic mix of cinematic sounds. We have no idea what truly awaits us in the far reaches of space. But if there are alien adventures across the galaxies in our future, Paradox has the sounds to create the soundtrack with. The fourth and final chapter in the sweeping sonic saga of the Ghosthack Origin collection, Paradox features over 7.5GB of cinematic music elements and sound effects, spanning 15 music construction kits and a wealth of accompanying rhythmic sequences and MIDI files.
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Ghosthack Origin Chapter 3 Archive

Creating Original Cinematic Music Has Never Been This Easy in Our Current Timeline. Step into the digital underworld of cyberpunk, gripping investigative crime dramas and riveting forensic thrillers. Archive is the third chapter of the Ghosthack Origin collection and it designed to deliver exactly the kind of edge-of-your-seat, deep and immersive sci-fi laden soundtracks you're programmed to desire. With over 7.1GB of non-stop synthetic ear candy, Archive grants access to cerebral music themes and sound effects that coalesce to create the sound of a future that leans apocalyptic with dark, atmospheric overtones.
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Ghosthack Origin Chapter 1 Arctic

Sound Makes the Scene. Arctic Will Make Your Scenes Epic! Chapter one of the epic and sprawling Ghosthack Origin collection is entitled Arctic. This incredibly comprehensive set consists of more than 10GB of immersive sound design and transcending composition, conjuring moods and aesthetics of cold, harsh, barren landscapes, and the crippling loneliness of extreme isolation.
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Ghosthack Ambio

Transform Everyday Sounds Into Something Extraordinary. Get ready for a very satisfying new collection of must-have sounds! Ghosthack Ambio features a wide variety of foley sounds and field recordings served up both dry and wet, in a bunch of different ways. Some are downright intoxicatingly mesmerizing. With nearly 350 files, across 33 categories and weighing in at 6.4GB, it is both comprehensive and inspiring in its simplicity and creative exploration of everyday sounds.
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BEAT Magazine December 2022

As one of the most timeless music genres, Ambient has always kept a firm place in the flood of electronic styles. Thanks to inspiration from other styles of music, several successful subgenres have emerged, such as Drones and Psybient. We‘ll go through the most important varieties of Ambient and show you how to produce tracks in the style of Suduaya, Deepbass, Align as well as DJ Shadow. Finally, genre pioneers like Ian Boddy and Banco de Gaia as well as current innovators like Solar Fields and Carbon Based Lifeforms give exciting insights into their creative process.
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Whitenoise Records Acid Techno Basslines

We are proud to present a special acid techno collection crafted using the iconic Roland TB303. This library takes inspiration from the harsh, hypnotizing rhythm acid techno is all about. Expect to find evolving 8 bar synth and bass loops with filter cutoff movement, dry / distorted variations as well as saw and square oscillator waves. All loops are key labeled and synced at 134BPM. What's in the collection? - 100 Roland TB303 Techno Synth and Bass Loops. 100 x WAV 44.1kHz, 24-bit.
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Futurephonic Mutant Blasters Glitch Fills

Bring extra high-impact energy to your track's biggest moments with this devious collection of one-bar glitch fills. Amp that moment Every fill in Mutant Blasters has its own individual touch, but every one is an expert mix of premium, folding glitch and heavy drums.
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Revealed Recordings Radar Acapella Pack Vol.3

Waxel⁠⁠ MrWhite⁠ Gangi⁠ Alessa⁠ PØP CULTUR⁠ Bryant Powell⁠ Maryn⁠ Eline Esmee⁠ Franny J.⁠ Joseph Crawford⁠ Elle Vee⁠ Jukx⁠ Jetason⁠ Versus⁠ King Marino⁠ Roy Orion⁠ Riley James⁠ Natalie Major⁠ AKI-HIRO⁠ OUTRAGE⁠ NAEMS⁠ Onyra⁠ ⁠Mike Bond⁠ Richie Loop⁠ Sanjin⁠ Fablers⁠ Arvenius⁠ Kaiz3n⁠ Robbie Hutton⁠ Meikle⁠ Robbie Rosen⁠ Holly⁠ Xtina Louise⁠
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Rodmadeit Oblivion Serum Bank & More

Includes: 80 Serum Presets 30 Loops
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AudioFriend Funky Drum Stems 2

100 more funky drum stems featuring kick, snare, hihat, crash and tom tracks. Dozens of possible combinations.
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Mididope Molecular

Molecular: Mutative arpeggiator Max for Live device for Ableton.Organic Arpeggiator and Bubbling Rhythm Source MOLECULAR is much more than a normal arpeggiator – it’s an ingenious hybrid between a molecular music box, a MIDI looper and an arpeggiator. It creates unique and vibrant patterns for harmonic instruments as well as for samplers or drums.
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New Beard Media Smooth Sax Riffs Vol 2

Smooth and sultry sax to add a little class and warmth to your tracks.
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Mojulate Melodic House and Techno Vol.1

70 samples of pure Melodic House & Techno. Ready to use samples including bass loops, drums, synth loops, atmospheres and much much more. It's definitely all about melody with this pack.
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Fouche Atomic Breakz

If you are a music producer or beatmaker, (especially of the Hip-hop genre) I'm sure that you can understand the sheer euphoria of finding that open drum break while listening through the vinyl records you've just purchased. This was my mindset while creating The Atomic Breakz Drumkit . I have crafted 50 Drum breaks/Drum loops and 20 Drum fills to add to your next track. These were professionally recorded and then minimally processed through Industry grade, Analog-Modeled Plugins for added warmth and tone. These samples are great for layering, adding texture, transitions, or just adding to your melody to complete your song. Just like the samples included in my Atomic Drumz Drumkit Series, each sample is Original , Royalty-Free , and I've included BPM/Tempo information for each sample. Download your copy today!
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