Four4 Organic Techno

Ethereal atmospheres collide with rich pounding beats: "Organic Techno" delivers relentless foley percussion, analog synths, and dusty melodics. Dive into this one-of-a-kind collection and gear up for injecting unique elements into your techno productions.
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Big Room Sound Energy

A collection of sounds that invoke movement and motion. Electricity pulsing through wires, powers invoked through magic, transforming matter in another dimension are the inspirations behind these dynamic sounds.
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Mycrazything City Drums

Ninjutsu samples proudly presents the first in our studio Edition series, city drums. Processing and re-processing underground hip hop & Trap includes bit-crushing, cassette, hardware emulations and re-amping.
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Udemy Piano Re-Harmonization And Improvisation For Very Beginners

This course is dedicated to all those pianists or keyboardists who are already playing songs either in a group or personally with friends and social gatherings but want to complement their way of playing, specifically how to play a bit more complex chords but without going deeper into music theory, to be able to make ornaments in the melody with the right hand, applying simple principles of improvisation.
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Groove3 KONTAKT 7 Explained

Join virtual instrument guru Eli Krantzberg for an in-depth look at Native Instruments' KONTAKT 7, the virtual sampler instrument that contains everything you need to build up your productions in style. In this KONTAKT video course Eli gets you up and running quickly, explaining how to navigate the interface, set up various routings, manage files/presets, optimize performance, create your own instruments, and much more. These KONTAKT videos are for new KONTAKT 7 users.
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Groove3 Max for Live: Sound Design with BEAP

Max for Live is an exciting platform for experimenting in all things sound. It's incredibly powerful and affords the user near limitless possibilities, but it can be a bit intimidating when starting out. In this Max for Live video course, studio expert Larry Holcombe teaches you how to use it in conjunction with Ableton's BEAP, which is a set of free modules for the platform. By the end of the course, you'll be well on your way to making this formidable tool an integral part of your sound design and production workflow. These videos are for new BEAP users.
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Quantiko QuantumJump

Quantiko presents his personal library for vst Xfer Serum.A collection of presets designated for Psytrance, Hitech, Fullon. Unleash your creativity !!
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Universe Loops Sech 42 Sample Pack

Sech – 42 Sample Pack Libreria creada e inspirada en el album 42 del artista Panameño SECH el cual fue lanzado el pasado 15 Abril 2021. 20 Drum Loops de Reggaeton moderno con un sonido de calidad en 24-bit WAV Quality tambien incluye sus One Shots Entre Kicks, Snares, Hit Hats, Percusiones
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Purafied Audio VU Compressor

THE VU COMPRESSORFour iconic compressors built into one beautiful & intuitive plugin. Designed to mimic producer Sam Pura’s favorite Class A limiting amplifiers, our VU Compressor packs all the punch of the real deal with all the flexibility of modern plugin design. Load one instance of the VU Compressor to get access to 4 different legendary 60’s compressors with THD modeling and accurate harmonics. The included presets are battle-tested for the biggest sounds possible, but our no-nonsense interface allows you to dial in any of the incredible sounds you expect from these compressors, and might even inspire you to take them somewhere new.
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Symphonic Distribution This is Acid Vol.2

This is Acid vol.2. The second edition of perfect acid sounds set for your next Acid techno track. All these samples and one shots will allow you to make a massive and powerful acid techno, minimal or house track. All sounds have been equalized for optimal presence for your tracks. Excellent for Techno / Minimal and also for any other genre with Acid sounds. Produced by Yoodza. The Pack contains: 100 wav samples @ 44.1 kHz, 24-bit 10 Claps 10 Rides 10 Hi-Hats 10 Kicks 10 Acid Synth sounds 10 Acid Synth Loops (130BPM) 10 Kick Loops (130BPM) 10 Hi Hat Loops (130BPM) 10 Top Loops (130BPM) 10 Percussion Loops (130BPM) *Other genres that this package may be useful in: Dance Drum & Bass Electro House House Tech House Hard Dance Trance Psy Trance
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CALLE La Maquina Vol.1 (DRUM KIT)

In this drum kit you will receive HQ drum sounds that are industry level sounding drums. These sounds are directly from Calle’s library. Compose your tracks with the best sounding drums to then create the best sounding beat.
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Revolutionary instrument designed to create lush ambient pads, drones, and cinematic textures Zero-G Enigma is a revolutionary 6-voice sound creation instrument for Mac OSX and WIndows PC that is designed to create lush ambient pads, drones, and cinematic textures. It is an instrument of extraordinary power and originality.
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Studio Tronnic Tech House Legends

This pack brings a content inspired by success names of the current Tech House like CamelPhat, Chris Lake, Solardo, Martin Ikin, George Privatti, Guille Placencia and Unknown7, and labels like La Pera Records, Sola, Repopulate Mars, Black Block Records, Blanc and Elrow Music.
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Studio Tronnic Desande Ableton Projects

Inspired by great success’ musics and artists such as: Victor Lou, Illusionize, Visage, Almanac, Breaking Beattz, Flux Zone, Mochakk, Alfrexx, Guzz, MKJAY, Malive and labels like: Elevation, Blackartel, HUB Records and beyond.
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WavSupply Nico Baran Magical (Guitar Loop Kit)

53 loops created by nico baran of Internet Money.
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