Gio Israel Greek Essentials Bows

The Essentials series by Gio Israel is designed to elevate traditional music of the ancient world via state of the art recording process, featuring some of the world’s foremost musicians.
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Imperium Sounds Dreams Reggaeton MIDI Pack Vol.01

Dreams es un MIDI pack en el cual podrás encontrar Melodías y MIDI Files de alta calidad y comerciales, perfecto para Reggaetón, Lo-Fi, Trap, entre otros. Este pack incluye melodías y MIDIS en todas las tonalidades con ambientes, texturas y atmósferas espaciales. Completamente Royalty Free, y podrás obtener en tus instrumentales vibras muy espaciales y pegajosas.
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Shrunkyq Granular Pads Patreon Sample Pack

244 GRANULAR PADS SAMPLE PACK I made these in 2020, but never released the pack. I use these as intros in most of my "tracks". Hope they come to some use. Enjoy!
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Antian Rose Cascabel (Sound Kit)

¡Los sonidos que necesitas para tu próxima instrumental de AFRO-POP que se está dando mucho de qué hablar en la industria musical! Sonidos frescos y únicos para tus baterías, synths, FX, percs, etc que podrás usar para empezar con una vibra super comercial y única ya definida...
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Jkei Care Package (25 loops)

It contains 25 loops created by Jkei. Compatible with every DAW.
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Sounds of the Pandemic: Accounts, Experiences, Perspectives in Times of COVID-19

This book is essential reading for students, researchers, and practitioners working in the realms of music production and performance, musicology and ethnomusicology, sound studies, and media and cultural studies.
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Groove3 Focusrite FAST Bundle Explained

With the FAST Bundle from Focusrite, you get several powerful sound-shaping tools designed to offer pro-quality results in no time. It's the perfect choice if you don't like to spend hours tweaking knobs and fine-tuning every parameter. Join veteran Groove3 instructor Eli Krantzberg for an informative FAST plugin video tutorial course, teaching you how to make use of all the intelligent features and make the most of them. You'll also get to hear each plugin in action, as Eli makes use of them in musical examples, so you can see and hear how it's done. You also get the audio files he uses in the tutorials so you can follow along in your DAW. These videos are for new Focusrite FAST Bundle users.
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Groove3 Recording Electric Guitars Explained

Who doesn't long for a great guitar tone? A great tone can sometimes make a riff sound larger than life or send a solo to an otherworldly dimension, taking the listener along for the ride. However, as many home recordists have discovered, it's not always an easy matter to translate the sound you hear in your head to the recording. In this two-hour video course, Patrick Coffin teaches you several techniques, tools, and methods for consistently achieving stellar guitar tone on your recordings. From DI signals and reamping to mic choices, amps, and more, you'll learn all you need to know to achieve professional-sounding guitar tones that you can be proud of. These videos are for those new to recording electric guitars.
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Imperium Sounds Secrets Reggaeton Construction Kit

Secrets es una librería que te ofrece una amplia variedad de Kits de Construcción, inspirados en Feid, Bad Bunny, Mora, Alvarito Diaz, entre otros. En este pack te incluimos samples únicos, modernos y originales para que puedas usarlos en tus próximas producciones. Cada Kit de Construcción te incluye un demo, MIDI Files, One Shots Synth y los STEMS. Y, por supuesto, ¡todos los Loops y Samples son 100 % Royalty Free!
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Imperium Sounds Memories Reggaeton Drum Kit

Memories es un DRUM KIT simple pero con una gran variedad de Drum Loops, top Loops y One Shots de bateria potentes, únicos y modernos. Qué estás esperado? Son los sonidos perfectos que necesitas para tus futuras producciones. Y por supuesto, todos nuestros samples son 100% ROYALTY FREE!!
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Imperium Sounds Aurora Reggaeton Drum Kit

Aurora es un Drum Kit que contiene una variedad de drum loops, top loops y One Shots, potentes y modernos que podrás usar en tus futuras producciones de reggaeton. Experimenta y usa tu creatividad para crear nuevas vibras con el drum kit.
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Imperium Sounds Tape Stuff Lo-Fi Soundbank Vol.02

Incluye: Drum Loops Bass Loops
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Udemy Master Guitar Pentatonic'S Create A Unique Sound

Are you tired, and bored of playing the same old pentatonic blues licks? Are you feb up with your improvisations never sounding creative, and your solos sounding like every other solo using the pentatonic scale?
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Udemy Ultimate Black Metal Guitar

With over 4 and a half hours of video instruction and 50 tabs, in this course, you will learn everything you need to master the art of Black Metal guitar. We examine the techniques of both the left and right hand, the theory, the chords, the intervals and the structure of iconic songs. You will learn how to create your own riffs, songs, melodies, and harmonies ten times easier than you thought possible. We'll look at equipment, and how to practice efficiently to get the most out of your practice routines.
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WavMonopoly Uzi Ouuu Vocal Preset Chain (FLP)

Recording has never been easier, download and achieve the sound of your favorite artist in seconds. As easy as 1..2..3.. focus on your craft and let us handle the mixing and vocal setup for you.
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