Steve Levine Recording Limited Drone Emporium

Drone Emporium Welcome the Drone Emporium. In thIs Native Instruments sound pack you will find a collection of Dark ambient constantly evolving drone notes. Each sample at each pitch is a unique performance & recording . They are presented as chromatic recordings from C1 (midi note 36) to C2 (midi note 48 ).
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Baywood Vocal Sauce 3 (FL Studio)

The Ultimate Game Changer for all Do-It-Yourself artists, producers, and engineers. Look no further for your vocal recording and mixing needs. Blow your friends away with Vocal Presets built by professionals that get the job done with ease.
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New Beard Media Smooth Female Vocals Vol 1

A selection of smooth, sweet female vocals with a soulful, pop vibe.
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Blastwave FX Coin Clinks

A unique collection of foley coin clinks, that distinguish themselves by their recording quality.
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Glitchedtones Charting Trap

With Charting Trap we bring you everything you need to cook up Billboard ready beats in one go-to resource of platinum production essentials. We took inspiration from the biggest Trap hits and production trends to put together a comprehensive collection which gives you fast access to the freshest sounds for your beatmaking sessions.
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fdotbee Ambient Essentials Stash Kit

Ambient Essentials Stash Kit All u need for beats like boost, tdf, enteernal, dk and others.
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Studio Major7th SSG7V

SSG7 V is a non-sampling guitar VST instrument that does not use sample files. It is equipped with an Auto Release function, which minimizes the use of keyswitches to express rock ticks.A chord mode is also equipped, so you can easily make guitar chords sound by specifying a chord. It also features an internal amp simulator and presets, so you can express cool guitar sounds right away. Experience the world of SSG7V now.
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Preset Biz Piano House Vol.1

Here it is!!! Piano House Vol. 1 - Pop music in minutes - Over 150 sounds With this pack, you can sound like Joel Corry, Sigala, Jonas Blue, MK, Nathan Dawe and many more top hit-making artists.
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Mind + Synthetic HYAD

Created by MIND + SYNTHETICIncludes ready to use sounds in the style of Yeat, Destroy Lonely, Ken Carson, Kankan, LUCKI + more!
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