Samples From Mars 80s Drum Machines From Mars

80s drums! You know ‘em, you love ‘em. Nothing else quite packs the smack of those sweet low bit early digital drum machines. We compiled the highlights from our favorite 80s drum machines we’ve sampled, so you can have the sound of the 80s right at your fingertips. Hold onto your mullets!
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Beatrising Tech House Addiction

Ushuaia Traxx presents Tech House Addiction. Inspired by the big names of today's Tech House Scene like Green Velvet, Solardo, Camelphat, Fisher, Prok & Fitch, Chris Lake and many more. This Pack is a must-have for every Tech House Producer out there! Genre(s): Tech House / Techno
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Thomas Brett Mixing with Gates

A deep dive into all aspects of using gates including traditional gate usage, sidechain inputs to greatly improve gate accuracy, when to use expansion rather than gating, using MIDI and key spikes and more.
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Sound Doctrine Confession

Sound Doctrine presents “Confession,” a sample pack release offering vintage gospel soul. This pack has 15 melodic loops of vocalists accompanied by a band that sounds like old vinyl recordings from a deep dive in a record shop’s 70’s gospel section. You’ll have access to guitar, bass, organ, keys, and drum loops with interesting vocal tones full of character and grit. We are certain these samples are a great addition to any personal sound library.
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Multiton Bits FX Zukunft

FX Zukunft is a collection of out of this world sequences, sounds and ambient tracks, sourced from array of digital and analogue tolls. Suitable for various styles, this pack can serve as a track starter or as a special ingredient, adding that extra spark to your tracks!
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Toolroom Trademark Series Marco Lys

Toolroom Academy presents the latest in their hallowed Trademark Series with none other than Toolroom legend, Marco Lys. Having been musically active for more than two decades, Marco has been involved with the tech-house sound since the early ’90s, releasing on countless labels such as; Subliminal, Glasgow Underground, 100% Pure, Incorrect Music, Skint, and of course Toolroom, amongst many others.
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Heavyocity Mosaic Pads

RE-IMAGINING TEXTURES Mosaic Pads transforms a myriad of hand-crafted, synthesized sounds into a wide range of cinematic possibilities - delivering a dynamic collection of otherworldly, ambient, and atmospheric textures guaranteed to elevate your sonic palette.
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FaderPro Ramin Rezaie Track from Scratch

Rising British talent Ramin Rezaie is known all over the world for his energetic take on House and Techno. He also has a stellar performance background, having played at some of the world's most reputable clubs including Fabric London, Studio 338, Privilege Ibiza, EGG LDN.
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Cymatics Pulse Hihat MIDI

Writing hi-hat patterns can sometimes be time consuming and difficult to come up with fresh ideas. These were put together by our team of producers, to give you tons of inspiration when it comes to creating a new bounce in your track.
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Cymatics Paragon Percussion Loops

Paragon includes a vast variety of sequenced percussion loops, perfect for adding a unique flair to your tracks. You can easily layer these into melodies and beats to give them a special rhythm and texture.
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Cymatics Vertex Foley Percussion

This collection includes a variety of live recorded sounds from real world and nature environments. These were created for the purpose of embellishing your records, with more of a natural percussive sound.
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Cymatics Behemoth 808 Collection

This pack includes 20 premium 808s that are designed to match the standard of modern Hip-Hop. This includes a variety of styles and choices (long, short, distorted, clean), all of which are meant to give you a good range of choices to pick the perfect bass for your music.
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FaderPro Protostar Track from Scratch

Protostar (Alex Mallows) has broken his way into the Drum & Bass scene. Standing out for his signature sound, his transition to Drum & Bass has allowed for him to flourish with a unique style that pulls from years of experience in the Glitch Hop genre.
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