Multiton Bits re-Kawai R-50e

Kawai R-50e is a late eighties Japanese drum machine, also featuring slap-bass and synth sounds. With our Re-Kawai R-50e sample pack we tried to capture a spirit of this groovebox used in numerous tracks and movies at the time, while today it is still used mostly in Manga production.
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Innovative Samples Melodic Oasis: Youngboy Edition

'Melodic Oasis Youngboy Edition'. This carefully crafted sound pack comes with sultry melodies that are sure to grab the attention of any listener. Includes also 20 Alternative melodies with added effects. Also, 65 Melodies to give that sound that stands out from the rest.
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Innovative Samples Paragon Hip Hop Soul

'Paragon Hip Hop Soul' One Of Our Best sellers and series that is filled with that heavy 808 sound and melodic energy. Several items include melodic keys, lofied plucks, sizzling hi hats, punchy kicks and 808's that are sure to inspire a hit! Inspired by the sounds of Lil Teeca, Juice Wrld, Future and many more. These elements include a proprietary sound that is Royalty Free Samples. All sounds are Royalty Free to use in any kind of DAW that supports WAV Files.
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Sonicspore Serum Dark Elements

Serum Dark Elements soundbank is a collection of 64 High quality presets designed by Sonicspore. Every preset is assigned to MACRO knobs, to give you countless possibilities to edit
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SHARP Tech House Creatures

'Tech House Creatures' by Sharp presents a huge pack of popular sounds to help you produce top notch Tech House tracks, faster than you can imagine. This product is loaded with over 300 files, including 172 Loops and 136 One-Shot Samples. The pack contains a set of Drums, Basslines, Synths, Vocals and FX which are polished and ready to be dropped into your productions.
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Smokey Loops Indian Chill

Inside you'll find Drum Loops, Bass Loops, Piano Loops, Sitar Loops, Guitar Loops, Lead Loops, Kick Loops, Snare Loops, Hihat Loops and many more. Indian Chill' is 100% Royalty-Free and contain tempo and key labels for easy reference.
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Zenhiser Filthy Dubstep Basslines

We all know Dubstep revolves round killer basslines, it's the centre of the dubstep sound, it's what makes drops work and people rock, so it was our duty to bring you a new collection of dubstep basslines that destroyed both Dubstep and the sub genres including Trapstep, Drumstep and everything in between. Totalling 150 brand new dubstep basslines this is one serious producer's pack and when you hear the preview you'll realise just how many hooks we're delivering. Every dubstep bassline is different and each one as good as the last, now that's a sh*t load of dubstep heaven!
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Delectable Records Dark And Groovy TechHouse 03

'Dark And Groovy Tech House 3' by Delectable Records isa sample pack featuring a total of 500 superfine Tech House samples including Loops, One-Shots and sampler Presets for Exs24, Kontakt, and Nnxt.
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PSE: The Producers Library Dancehall Sound Effects Machine Volume 2

“Dancehall Sound Effects Machine” is a massive collection of classic dancehall one-shots that are perfect for elevating your bass music productions. Covering a wide variety of sonic territory that includes sci-fi lasers, gunshots, alarms, airhorns, and classic vocal stabs, these sounds run the gamut and are full of unmistakable character and personality. Pepper your productions with champagne pops and sexy slackness…”Dancehall Sound Effects Machine” has the perfect sauce for any soundclash, mixtape, or studio session.
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Versilian Studios Snares

Can't get that snare to fit in the mix? Snares has the answer, with five unique instruments recorded in a real concert hall, sporting up to three different microphone positions to choose from. These drums work great in pop as well as classical and feature a wide variety of techniques including samples with both the snares on and off for several of the instruments. Each hit sample has two takes, one for each hand, which you can map to different keys or pads to play alternating left and right like a real snare drum. In addition, several different dynamic levels are present for each sound. The Main mics present a clean stereo image, while the Overhead and Close capture the strike of the drum. The Snare mic, underneath the drum, captures the rattle of the snares. As a bonus, the fifth drum, a rope tension snare drum (the kind used during the American Revolutionary War), was sampled tuned to various pitches for one of the most unique snare sounds out there!
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