AlejoAngel Serum Drugs (Skin)

Si ya compraste cualquier pack del bundle - DRUGS - te llegará al correo con el que adquiriste el producto - tu skin COMPLETAMENTE GRATIS Si aun no la tienes no dudes en contactarme por cualquier red social enviándome un foto con tu recibo de pago hecho para comprobar que adquiriste legalmente mis packs
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FaderPro Jon Sine Track from Scratch

For nearly three hours, watch as DJ and producer Jon Sine takes you through his production process from start to finish. Jon Sine, a German DJ and producer with Israeli roots, is taking his multi-faceted melodic house beyond the realms of the dance floor. He combines club music with elements from various musical genres to create a distinctive style of his own, which ranges from emotional and sensual to thrilling and euphoric.
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Innovative Samples 6IX MAN 5

'6IX MAN 5' consist of four construction kits with inspiration drawn from top Trap artists like Travis Scott, Kevin Gates, Shindy, DaBaby, Migos, Plaiboi, Carti, and others.
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Alawais Amethyst Sound Kit Bundle

Kit includes: - 80 + serum presets - 5 + portal presets
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JoeB Sample Station Vol.1 (FULL)

370 high quality samples, useful for making heavy Dubstep, Riddim, Tearout, DNB, Trap, Halftime etc... 3 versions available: the full pack which contains all the samples for £25, only the basses & synths for £12.50, or only the drum samples for £12.50. Would recommend buying the full pack but this should hopefully help people who might struggle otherwise.
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IVORY Outer Space Vol.2 Sample pack

- 402 Bass one shots, loops & glitches- 60 Cymbals one shots & loops - 191 Drums one shots & loops - 9 Drumfills
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Innovative Samples Zaytown Trap 7

'Zaytown Trap 7' is a banging Trap sample pack inspired by the likes of Gucci Mane, Migos, Yung Thug, and the originator of the Trap sound, Zaytoven. This pack is filled with signature chants and vox, trappy chord progressions, trunk rattling 808s, and head nodding hats.
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Innovative Samples Backwood Bando 7

'Backwood Bando 7' Is perfect if you are looking for high-quality Hip Hop & Country music, full of inspiration and energy. This fresh, new face of Country is full of attitude and ready to take its rightful place at the top of today's charts. This Kit is incredible because it's hard to find digital country music. Take time to listen to this exclusive Country sound that is a mixture of Hip Hop & Country. Musicians like Lil Nas, Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, and Lady Antebellum have taken traditional Country instruments like the acoustic guitar and infused them with the contemporary sounds of multi-drums, bass, electric guitars, pianos and organs to create a musical genre that has rocked the very core of Country music today. This pack takes direct inspiration from those artists and injects their sound straight into your DAW.
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Innovative Samples Broken Trapsoul 9

'Broken Trapsoul 9' is here again with its amazing ninth installment of this incredible sample pack filled with 4 full melodic trap soul packs. These samples are influenced by Bryson Tiller, an American RnB singer who has turned Trapsoul into a genre.
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Song Writing For Beginners

Yes, this book is designed entirely to share those secrets that will inspire you to write that great song that you know you can! And once the creativity really starts flowing, we'll create great habits and write even more, each and every day. Get down to writing the music and the lyrics you know that you can because writer's block is a fantasy. You just need inspiration.
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Innovative Samples Essence Trapsoul 7

'Essence Trapsoul 7' This Trapsoul RnB pack comes filled with plush pads, bending 808's, delicate keys and Guitars! This one of a kind pack will immediately command the listener's attention! Inside there are four Construction Kits with ear catching chord progressions and melodies, rhythmic hats and percussions, guitars, punchy kicks and boomy basses.
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Innovative Samples Essence Trapsoul 4

'Essence Trapsoul 4.' Is back again with it's third installment being the number one Trapsoul seller in the market. This Trapsoul/RnB pack comes filled with plush pads, bending 808's, delicate keys and LIVE Guitars! This one of a kind pack will immediately command the listener's attention! These are ear-catching chord progressions and melodies, rhythmic hats and percussions, live guitars, punchy kicks and boomy basses. This kit features styles from Yung Thug & Quavo to Travis Scott & Tory Lanes. Drop these sounds into your DAW and enjoy manipulating them to suit your style.
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Innovative Samples After Party

'After Party' is coming at you with 4 Construction Kits, containing some of the most unique Hip Hop you will ever hear. This pack was heavily inspired by some of the hottest artists of today such as St. John, Don Toliver, & Travis Scott.
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Udemy FL STUDIO Music Production Masterclass In FL Studio 20 + Mi

FL Studio is one of the best music software out there. It's designed to make all kind of music genres, mix and master it in a professional way. In this class, I explain how to use FL Studio, and how to Leverage FL Studio to make music, mix songs, and write music that you like.
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Innovative Samples Da Youngan

'Da Youngan' features five Hip Hop & Trap Construction Kits inspired by top notch artists such as Young Thug, Travis Scott, Lil Tecca, Drake, Gunna, Yak Gotti, M.I.A, Quavo, Offset and more. This pack will provide you with must have samples to help you produce your next hit track.
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