Diginoiz Apolo Melodies Vocals and Loops

Pop Vocals and loops from Diginoiz! Fresh and sounding awesome, smooth and melodic but sometimes a bit unexpected and crazy, created with focus on the newest trends in the modern music industry. Pop combined with R&B and Trap sound. Great as a source of inspiration or as the foundation of your upcoming smash hits. Here you will find 5 construction kits with loops, vocals and sounds ready to be imported into your DAW or sampler. 106 loops perfect to spark your creativity!
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Key WAV Alone FL STUDIO Vocal Chain Preset

Sound inspired by artist, Bryson Tiller, 24hrs, & Elijah Blake. Item Description
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Key WAV You Know FL STUDIO Vocal Chain Preset

Sound inspired by artists, Lil Durk, Rae Sremmurd, Lil Yachty & Future. Item Description
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Sonic Academy Understanding Modular Synthesis with King Unique

Matt aka King Unique is back, and he's been given the daunting task of the seemingly impossible as he tackles Understanding Modular Synthesis! Do not fear because this course, in conjunction with others on the site ( especially How To Use VCV Rack 2 ) will help you get to grips with this amazing and endless form of synthesis!
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Arteria In The Dust

In The Dust features two song starters, for your trap productions. Featuring unique and evoking synth moods, glued with 808, Reece and evolving beats
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ToneBoosters MBC

Dynamics powerhouse TB MBC does it all: up to 10 bands with configurable cross-over steepness, two compressor curves per band, upward compression, downward compression, positive and negative saturation, and stereo width processing packed in a flexible and intuitive user interface. Yes, that is up to 20 compression curves to sculpt your tracks, busses and masters to perfection.
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Big Citi Loops Sample Garage

'Sample Garage' from Big Citi Loops is the first release of this soulful laid back R&B/Soul series stuffed with passionately handcrafted Royalty-Free and muddy samples filled with that authentic old school & vintage flavas. This Garage Kit is primarily filled with keys & horn influence. Stay tuned for many more Royalty-Free hand played Garage by Big Citi Loops.
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BOOG's Slaughter Samples Vol.2

185 BOOG Samples Including:55 Drums 25 Bass Loops, 92 Basses, Growls, and Glitches And much more!
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Groove3 Producing Piano House Explained

If you're looking to produce your own piano house track, but you're not sure where to begin, you're in the right place. Join studio wizard Larry Holcombe for a comprehensive look at producing piano house music, complete with numerous examples and demonstrations that take you through an entire track, start to finish. You'll even have access to the project stems so you can try out all the techniques and ideas for yourself in your own DAW! You'll learn production techniques, arrangement ideas, creative tips, and much more! These videos are for new piano house producers.
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Groove3 Logic Pro Songwriting Workflow Tips and Tricks

When inspiration hits, the last thing you want to do is get bogged down with setting up a new project, VSTs, track folders, etc. Wouldn't it be great if there were some shortcuts you could employ within Logic Pro to get you closer to that moment of creation? Now there is! Join Logic guru Eli Krantzberg for a one-and-a-half-hour Logic Pro video course that's jam packed with all kinds of workflow tips and tricks. You'll learn how mastering default patches, channel strip settings, templates and more can dramatically cut down on setup time and have you laying down ideas before you know it. These videos are for beginner Logic Pro users.
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Blissful Audio Soul Sensation

“Soul Sensation” from Legendary Music is a sample pack that is a tribute to The Debarge. This sample pack will give you the nostalgia of smooth funk rhythm. “Soul Sensation” has all the tools you need to get a perfect, melodic rap sound! From piano, drum loops, bass, strings, etc.
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Toolbox Samples Cinematic Drums

Cinematic Drums gives you exactly what it says on the tin... Top tier cinema drums. No matter what genre you produce, these cinematic drums will help you achieve that big Hollywood sound into your tracks. Save time on creating, processing and pattern building top quality drums. With 40 Drum Loops & 18 Huge Impacts, save the time trying to create your big cinematic explosions & grooves, and drag and drop and get going in a matter of seconds. With a hybrid approach to both organic and the digital, these sounds are made for the future. The versatility of these samples will help you achieve whatever sound you're looking for! Contents: 40 Drum Loops, 18 Impacts
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Queen Chameleon 90s Pop Vocals

"Oh dag," let's bring it back! Reminiscing this unforgettable time period in music history; here are reinvented inspo's from your favorite 90's & 2000's Pop Artists like Mandy Moore, Britney Spears, S Club 7, The Spice Girls, even the Cardigans and Donna Lewis, with a slight modern touch in musical production. Vocals are written composed and produced by 'Queen Chameleon'; inspired by Max Martin moods and all of your favorite yummy 1 -3 -5 ear candy pop charm harmonies. This was Queen Chameleon's favorite era of music that she grew up in. Samples are unedited and raw for your own production freedom. Samples are 105 BPM easily importable to any DAW and ready for mixing and editing. Happy producing DM @QueenChameleonSounds on IG for possible feature. Get it poppin'.
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Concept Samples Future Bass

‘Future Bass’ from Concept Samples delivers a huge collection of sounds, blending Pop instruments with futuristic elements inspired by this popular genre. Download this top quality selection featuring immense saw leads, commercial pluck melodies, dreamy pads & chords, all packed up & ready to build the foundation of your up-to-date chart toppers.
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Whitenoise Records Berlin Techno_BEATS

We are proud to present “Berlin Techno”, an exclusive library inspired by the underground club scene of Berlin. Expect to find deep&driving beats - evolving analog synths - sub basslines - techy percussions - kick-craving tech tops - plus analog drum hits, FX and much more. All loops are synced at 130bpm. *This is the "BEATS" version of this pack. 54 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24 bit.
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