Sonance Sounds Future Selection

This pack is inspired by the sounds of Selected. The presets are remakes of a wide variety of songs that has been released on Selected. Think of the likes of EDX, Fisher, JLV Camelphat and T Matthias. Besides that it contains some Future Bounce presets as well inspired by Hexagon. That's why it's called Future Selection.
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Sample Tools by Cr2 Neon Future House

Sample Tools by Cr2 present Neon Future House. Enter a futuristic world of hard-hitting drums, futuristic tripped-out vocals, and state-of-the-art song starter construction kits which provide you with a pool of stems and MIDI for instant inspiration.
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RARE Percussion Everyday Psychedelic Transitions Vol.1

RARE Percussion has gathered an indispensable collection of risers, downers, and noise FX sculpted for your everyday transition needs. Everyday Psychedelic Transitions contain foley recordings of household objects manipulated into psychedelic sweeps and waves of sound, primed to enhance all genres of music.
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Mark V Apps Metadatics

Metadatics is a powerful and advanced audio metadata editor. It supports batch editing of most common audio file types including MP3, M4A, AIFF, WAV, FLAC, APE, OGG, WMA, and more. Lookup metadata from online sources, rename files based on metadata, or manipulate metadata using one of the many built in functions. Metadatics provides all you need to edit metadata with ease and flexibility.
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Building an Award-Winning Guitar Program: A Guide for Music Educators

Building an Award-Winning Guitar Program is a practical guide to assist secondary and post-secondary music educators with the tasks involved in establishing a successful music program. With the rising interest in guitar, Mariachi, rock band, handbells, bluegrass, music technology, and so on, more and more music educators are being asked to teach innovative music classes.
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LinkedIn Releasing and Promoting Your Music

One of the biggest issues faced by musical artists is how to get people to hear and purchase their music. Luckily, today’s digital platforms offer a variety of ways to engage with new and longtime fans alike. In this course, music industry stalwart Evan Sutton explains the best practices for self-releasing and promoting your own digital music, with tips to set yourself up for success.
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Udemy The Rhythm Guitar Strumming Catalogue Volume 8

Try "The Rhythm Guitar Strumming Catalogue" by Greg Tabone. Learn from a professional musician who has taught guitar privately for decades, and taught music in the public education system (K to Grade 12) for over 32 years. I know the steps needed for students to learn, and how to help students learn for themselves with some guidance.
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Producertech Groove Fundamentals

Groove is a ubiquitous term in music production, appearing on hardware like drum machines, within editors in DAWs and on many software instruments too, but what is it actually referring to? This course answers this very question, with a detailed exploration of groove handling within a range of different applications, to help you become a master of the groove!
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ReeMau Beats ANDROMEDA Vol.2 (Vital Presets Bank)

ANDROMEDA VOL.2 es un pack que tiene los sonidos que NECESITAS para poder llevar tus BEATS al SIGUIENTE NIVEL. Teniendo sonidos que crean ATMÓSFERAS DIFERENTES, TEXTURAS y sobre todo transmite VIBRAS que hacen de tu BEAT algo ÚNICO.
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The Loop Loft Matt Chamberlain Cyclops Sound Studio Series Dual Snares

Enter Matt Chamberlain’s own Cyclops Sound Studios as we focus our eye on the strange sounds within. This series explores the oddest of Matt’s inspirations, testing everything from fiberglass concert toms to Japanese snare drum toys and even bizarre misshaped cymbals from unknown origins. Five packs in this series with different and unique sounds and loops expertly performed by Matt Chamberlain himself. Collect them all and get weird!
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The Loop Loft Beats Like Bonham Bundle

The grooves made famous by John Bonham are now at your fingertips. Introducing Beats Like Bonham Drum Loops. Following the success of our hugely popular Bonham Complete Takes series, we have designed a new stereo loop set collection, giving you all of the beats in 24 bit 48 kHz clarity and in a wide range of formats including WAV, REX2, AIFF (Apple Loops) and Stylus RMX, allowing you to easily drag and drop the loops into the DAW of your choice. The Beats Like Bonham stereo loop collection contains a massive selection of grooves and fills from some of Led Zeppelin’s biggest hit tracks including - Immigrant Song - All My Love - When The Levee Breaks - Kashmir - In The Evening - D'yer Mak'er
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The Loop Loft Vintage Funk & Soul Down South

Rewind the decades and resurrect the rhythms of funk and soul that laid the foundation for labels like Motown and Stax. The five editions in this series take inspiration from legends like Uriel Jones and Al Jackson Jr. to give you the feeling of the ‘60s and ‘70s.
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ReeMau Beats FLY (Midi Kit)

FLY MIDI KIT es una colección de MIDIS que fueron creados para TRANSMITIR y AYUDAR a MEJORAR tu workflow y con con ello evitar con más frecuencia el BLOQUEO CREATIVO. Contiene +100 archivos MIDI repartidos en 3 categorías:
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Tony Artimisi: Retro Drum Breaks, Volume 2

It's time for a drum break! This follow-up to Retro Drum Grooves, Volume 1 provides even more options to make your song groove that much harder. These were recorded on a Mapex White Widow drum set with a '70's era Singlerand Hollywood Ace snare drum and processed using a variety of guitar amp modelers and vintage & modern effects processors.
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Tony Artimisi: Organic Drum Grooves, vol. 1

A collection of unprocessed grooves with variations and one-shots.
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