JavaScript for Sound Artists Learn to Code with the Web Audio API 2nd Edition

Learn how to program javascript while creating interactive audio applications with javascript for Sound Artists: Learn to Code With the Web Audio API! William Turner and Steve Leonard showcase the basics of javascript language programing so that readers can learn how to build browser based audio applications, such as music synthesizers and drum machines. The companion website offers further opportunity for growth. Web Audio API instruction includes oscillators, audio file loading and playback, basic audio manipulation, panning and time. This book encompasses all of the basic features of javascript with aspects of the Web Audio API to heighten the capability of any browser.
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Music Protest Develop a Better Guitar Practice Routine

Most beginner guitarists want to get better on the guitar more quickly. But, at the same time many guitarists don’t have a lot of time to put into practicing… So, what can be done? This course points to visualization as a valuable tool. But, we’ll go a step further and outline example practice routines based on a simple rule of thirds. Once you start following this regimen, you’ll see that you’re making better use of the practice time that you have available.
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ORDUZ® AGUA (Omnisphere Bank)

19 go to presets of the ANALOG WRLD
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venexxi & gokami Emerald Sound Kit

Emerald Sound Kit [SERUM] Created by Venexxi & Gokami Includes ready to use sounds in the style of Yeat, Kankan, Ken Carson, Summrs, and more!
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AudioThing Glass

Found in a flea market, buried inside a box full of dust and cutlery, this balloon wine Glass has a bright and crystalline tone and long sustain. Hits were sampled with fingers, a piano hammer, a metal stick, and palm of the hand. Additional sounds produced with wet fingers on the border, small screws thrown inside the goblet, and processed slowed down hits for the atmospheric pads.
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Dropgun Samples Vocal Deep House 2

Dropgun Samples are proud to present Volume 2 of our Deep House sample pack. In our Volume 2 Sample Pack, you will gain material that'll uplift your production to the next level.
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Lupulo Records Underground House

Lupulo Records are proud to present Underground House, a collection inspired by the underground sound of world house music. 285 samples and loops with everything you need for your new house music production. The collection contains: 34 Bass Loops 127 Drum Hits 59 Drum Loops 19 Sounds & Effects 22 Synth Loops 24 Top Loops 196Mb of WAV file!!! 24bit/44.1Khz
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