Ghosthack's Essential Bundle

All The Tools For Your Next Track Are Right Here! Covering All The Quintessential Needs In 9 Versatile Sound Banks
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Diaspora Montuno Boogaloo

Originating in the 50’s, Boogaloo is a genre fusing Latin styles with African American jazz and soul. Though the genre often remains unspoken in the scope of the history of American music, its sound is instantly recognizable and has been brought back in a big way through the Latin trap movement and huge hits like “I Like It” by Cardi B. Our pack “Montuno” contains the catchy piano montunos, horn lines, and danceable percussion that Boogaloo is known for. This pack features 15 Melodic Loops, with over 20 drum and percussion loops, and stems for each melodic loop.
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Toolbox Samples Jazz Hop

Welcome to Jazz Vibes. Delving into the genres of Jazz, Hip Hop & Lo-Fi... this sample pack hops from genres, but also decades. Covering progressions from the 1940s to the present day... this pack truly is something fresh. An old dog can't learn new tricks apparently? Wrong! The modern feel of crisp production used by the worlds best crossed with old school instrumentation, professional musicality & authentic recordings gives this sample pack a unique sense of entitlement. If you are looking for some fresh Lo-Fi Hip Hop, you have come to the right place. Contents: 10x Bass Loops 7x Cymbals 50x Drum Loops (Full, Kick Free, Tops, Snares) 2x Fills 8x Guitar Loops 4x Keys Loops 3x Textures 14x Trumpet Loops 100% Royalty-Free
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Fume Music Ethnic Dance Vocals II

Ethnic Dance Vocals II offer organic recordings from different cultures for dance music producers. You can find recordings from Middle East, Balkans and South America.
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Ueberschall Mute Trumpet

Mute Trumpet Mute Trumpet captures the intimate and jazz-flavoured sound most often associated with the playing of Miles Davis. As part of the Elastik Instrument Series, Mute Trumpet provides a massive collection of jazzy solo phrases. The performances throughout are masterful and all the details have been beautifully captured. The sound of the instrument is open and airy. The playing style is delicate, fragile, and soulful but also includes plenty of dynamics if you need your melodies to reach a powerful or vivid highlight.
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Matt Starling Stereo Microphone Techniques

Learn about and listen to the various stereo microphone techniques you can use while recording, plus get an overview of microphone polar patterns and how they affect stereo microphone techniques.
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Big Room Sound Design Swells

A collection of atmospheric swells that wash up on you and bridge the gap between this world and the next. Great transitional elements between scenes or to add texture and movement within a space.
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Groove3 Reason Explained

Music production wiz Thomas Cochran presents comprehensive Reason video tutorials! If you're ready to make Reason the DAW of your choice and take advantage of its impressive host of features like Reason Rack and huge collection of virtual instruments, this course is for you. Thomas systematically takes you through the important, foundational elements of this DAW, explaining and demonstrating each with helpful examples so you're putting your newfound skills to use as you go. These videos are for new Reason users.
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Groove3 Apogee FX Plugins In-Action

Studio expert Eli Krantzberg presents a detailed series of video tutorials on Apogee FX plugins! This collection of plugins packs a serious production punch, and this course will help you get the most out of it. Eli demonstrates the various EQs and compressors with a variety of musical examples on different sources, so you can hear each in-action while learning how they work. These videos are for new Apogee FX plugin users.
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Thomas Brett Mixing Synthwave

Learn all about the mixing techniques used specifically for electronic instruments in this 76 minute workshop. A full synthwave track is presented here, with explanations of processing choices given on a track by track basis.
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HydraTek Angel

Explore lush pads, evocative and cinematic atmospheres, melodic sequences, arpeggiated lines and more in this expansion for Arturia Pigments 3 by HydraTek. Whether you are into Ambient, Downtempo, Chillout, LoFi, Synthwave, Cinematic modern composing or just want a collection of production-ready sounds to form the harmonic and atmospheric backbone of your next creation you have got it covered.
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Truefire Seth Rosenbloom's Practice Sessions: Blues-Rock Expressions

8 Powerful Soloing Techniques and Articulations for Blues Rock Guitar Seth Rosenbloom’s Blues-Rock Expressions edition of Practice Sessions is your fast-track for expressing yourself more freely and creatively when soloing and improvising. Seth will share 8 powerful techniques and articulations through a series of lessons, demonstrations and interactive practice sessions.
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Truefire Lance Ruby's Song Lesson: Jealous Again by The Black Crowes

Accurate Lead and Rhythm Guitar Lessons for Jealous Again Taught by our top educators, TrueFire’s Song Lesson System is a hands-on contextual music-making experience designed to accelerate the learning process and simulate a full-band setting. Whatever level of player you happen to be, from beginner to advanced, there’s a rhythm or lead guitar part you can learn to play that sounds great in a full band context.
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Truefire Jeffery Marshall's Modern Blues and Beyond

10 Modern Harmonic and Melodic Approaches for Blues Guitar Contemporary guitarists like Robben Ford, Larry Carlton and John Scofield use a variety of sophisticated harmonic and melodic approaches when playing the blues. While many of these modern comping and soloing approaches stem from their jazz background, the underlying principles are easily applied to the blues form.
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M4L Valiumdupeuple LoadeR

Ever wanted to quickly insert an Eq8, an Operator, an LFO or even a VST from a keyboard shortcut, a midi controller, or a touchscreen thing? That's what LoadeR's for! Unlike other similar M4L devices, you don't need any extra setup or script or grouping devices (only VST2 plugins need to be grouped/racked - no need to rack AU/VST3 though since they can be saved as .aupreset/.vstpreset files which are recognized by LoadeR) to be able to quickly load your favorite devices into the selected track without ever opening Live's Browser... just press the shortcut you assigned to a device!
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