Whole Loops Waves Sauce Bundle Studiorack 11 and 12

The ultimate Waves StudioRack preset collection for simple creative & mixing. Drop any Waves Sauce Studiorack into your production, and control our powerful plugin chains with 8 simple macro knobs. Every preset is hand crafted for polished sounding results instantly! See individual product pages for required list of waves plugins in each preset. All presets are compatible with Waves StudioRack v11 and v12. This bundle includes all Whole Loops presets listed below
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Production Master Doppler 2 Melodic Techno and House

Doppler 2 – Melodic Techno & House is the dynamic follow-up of “Doppler”, with everything you need to create powerful, high-octane driving melodic techno and house.
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Udemy Audio Editing & Mixing | Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 Masterclass

Whether you want to learn how to edit and mix audio for youtube and the latest social media platforms, or start your video editing career, or simply you want to revise your knowledge about this subject, this course of Adobe Premiere Pro is what you are looking for.
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Zenhiser Eastern Downtempo

Explore a world where Downtempo meets Asia. Delve deep into the collection of painstakingly immaculate samples and you’ll find unfathomable melodies mixed with the subtle breaks, Chinese vocals layering diverse Asian instruments, immersive rhythms perfectly balancing sunset soaked atmospheres. Eastern Downtempo will grab your senses like nothing you have herd before.
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Big Citi Loops Reggae Awards Vol.4

'Reggae Awards Vol 4' is here again with its fourth installment of Reggae instrumentals. These five Construction Kits are packed with killer multi-track content. These awesome sounds have that Reggae/Hip Hop swagg that you are bound to enjoy.
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Hl8 Consolidation Drill Drum Kit

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Organic Loops Melodic Six String Guitars Vol.1

Organic Loops presents Melodic Six String Guitars. This collection was built to ensure the highest quality guitar parts are accessible for all, regardless of budget. The focus was purely on using the finest guitars, electric basses, microphones, recording techniques and processing to guarantee a host of instantly usable pop, disco, funk and rock sounds 100% royalty free.
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Feed Your Soul Music Sound Design Elements

This Pack is a collection of various Sound Design Elements and Beyond such as, Soundscapes, Drones, Pads, Risers, Booms, Impacts, Electricity and more. All made from original recordings, then edited and processed creating unique Samples for Your Productions. Drop them in your DAW or Sampler for more possibilities. For more unique Samples check out Feed Your Soul Music on Sounds.com
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AudioFriend House Music 1990s

89 Wav loops in classic 90s House Music styles ranging from harmonies like chords & basslines to rhythm elements like kick, snare, clap, hihat & percussion.
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