Looptone Sensual Chill Vocals

Dim the lights and drop the tempo with Looptone's Sensual Chill Vocals, a richly emotive, deeply soulful library of female vocal phrases for your more laid-back productions.
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WavSupply Khemics The Ultimate OneShot Essentials Stash (One Shot Kit)

Here’s what you all been waiting for… The Ultimate Oneshot Essentials Stash. created by Khemics of Internet Money/Mira Touch Kit includes: ———-bonus section————
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Immersive Sound Production A Practical Guide

Immersive Sound Production is a handbook for the successful implementation of immersive sound for live sports and entertainment. This book presents thorough explanations of production practices and possibilities and takes the reader through the essentials of immersive sound capture and creation with real world examples of microphones, mixing and mastering practices. Additionally, this book examines the technology that makes immersive sound possible for the audio mixer, sound designer and content producer to craft a compelling soundscape.
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Music Representation and Transformation in Software: Structure and Algorithms in Python

This book takes the reader on a journey through music concepts in an organized approach that develops music essentials from the concepts of tone, pitch, and time, through notes, intervals, chords, and scores while at the same time interpreting these elements as software artifacts. Close attention is paid to the organization of and relationships amongst these concepts and their representation as Python classes and objects, to learn about music from a software design viewpoint.
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Loopmasters Disco House Sessions

Disco House Sessions takes you back to how we used to do it, recreating the sounds and flavours from seminal party places such as the Paradise Garage and Studio 54, where classic DJ`s like Larry Levan would play forgotten classics that now top the charts in remixed form and which fill our cities finest dancefloors!
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Blastwave FX Battle Gear

A unique pack of sounds featuring battle gear from various eras, sounds include: bulletproof vests, chain mail, gas masks, and more.
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Constructed Sounds Lo-Fi Cycles

'LoFi Cycles' by Constructed Sounds presents a Sample Library that is a blend of jazzy Electronic driven Sound Design. Including carefully crafted Drum Loops, Basslines, Foley Ambiences, Piano Loops, Vinyl Textures, One-Shot Drums and FX ready to Drag and Drop into your favourite DAW.
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Sonic Academy Understanding Mixing Level 2

This week we welcome back Protoculture for an in-depth look at one of the most important aspects when making music - Mixing. Following on from Phil's brilliant Understanding Mixing Fundamentals course, Nate takes things a step further, looking at ways to help your workflow, the pitfalls that you need to watch out for when mixing a track and tips and tricks that'll get you heading in the right direction when tackling your mixdown.
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Exotic Refreshment Gabieris Organic Session Vol.1

Exotic Refreshment are proud to present "Organic Session vol. 1 - Exotic Samples 059”, a Sample Pack by Greek producer Gabieris, who is known from the releases on labels such as Lump Records, Cafe De Anatolia or Exotic Refreshment LTD.
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NITELIFE Audio Sweatbox Dubs

Underground beats abound in Sweatbox Dubs from NITELIFE Audio - an upfront and uncompromising collection of more than 300 chunky basement beats, resampled chord stabs, club-mashing fills, and meaty basslines.
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Udemy Acoustic Guitar for Beginners (05.2022)

Practical guide to understanding the basics of guitar Description Hi my name is Nikhil Aarons and I've been teaching the guitar for almost 9-10 years now. I've created this course mainly for those starting to learn the guitar and methods I've used with many students I've taught. If you're lost and don't know where or what to begin with, this course is just for you!
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Coproduction: Collaboration in Music Production (Perspectives on Music Production)

Coproduction is dedicated specifically to the study of an emerging field in music production musicology. It explores the limits of what this field might be, from the workings of a few individuals producing music together in the studio, to vast contributions of whole societies producing popular music.
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Sonic Collective MIDI Guitar with Rotem Sivan

Brooklyn-based jazz guitarist Rotem Sivan returns to Splice Sounds for a third collection of samples, this time incorporating MIDI for a dimension of expression and flexibility for the producer. We were lucky enough to work with a full range styles of guitar courtesy of our friends at D’Angelico. We captured the performances through the pristine Splice studio signal chain, while recording Rotem’s playing as MIDI using MIDI pickups provided by Fishman.
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