Drumforge Drumshotz George Lever

One shot samples are powerful weapons for enhancing your drum mixes as they provide you with the extra punch and consistency you need to cut through any mix. Many professional mixers have highly coveted collections of one shot drum samples which are refined over years of mixing. This is how they achieve their signature drum sound no matter the quality of the source recording. Drumshotz is a series of highly coveted drum samples from professional mixers to enhance, blend, or replace drum sounds in your mixes. Inject heavy gainz into your drum mixes today with Drumshotz and experience a whole new level of punch, impact, and power.
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Arteria EmotiveTrance_BeautifulPads

JS TEN returns with a collection of 22 Beautiful and emotive Pad Melodies to compliment your Trance productions All at 133 BPM
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Yizhou Ye MP3 Cutter Joiner

MP3 Cutter Joiner consists of a MP3 Cutter and a MP3 Joiner. It is much easier for you to get highlights from MP3 files with MP3 Cutter function, howerver, with MP3 Joiner function, you can perfectly join many audio files into one.
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Groove3 GrooveCell Explained

Pro Tools guru Eli Krantzberg presents a comprehensive series of video tutorials on GrooveCell! This new virtual sampler for Pro Tools is loaded with useful features, and this course will help you get familiarized and up to speed quickly. Eli takes you on a tour of all the important functions, demonstrating each with effective examples before culminating with a full beat designed from scratch. These videos are for new GrooveCell users.
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Groove3 Stem Mastering Disco House Explained

Studio expert Larry Holcombe presents a comprehensive series of video tutorials on mastering disco house tracks with stems! If you've been curious about how mastering with stems can improve the sound of your disco house tracks, this is the course to watch. Larry walks you through each step of the process, demonstrating effective and creative uses of compression, effects processing, tape saturation, EQ, harmonic excitation, and more. You also get all the stems so you can follow along on your system! These videos are for those new to mastering with stems.
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Voice Tag Gods TYCHE Drum Kit

20 - Drums used in popular songs42 - 808s - Vocals 29 - Claps 16 - Crashes
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Tech House Market Tech House Fundamentals V2 Bundle

Breathe new life into the party with this fully produced tech house bundle. It has everything a world class tech house producer needs like deep hitting bass lines, nasty synth loops, groovy percussion & top loops, a huge amount of one-shots, over 110 serum presets, MIDI files to get inspired and on top of that 4 high quality construction kits!
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Udemy Learn to read Musical Notes

With this course you will learn how to read notes on the staff in the Treble clef. We will do it in the fastest and easiest way possible. Suitable for people aged 14 to 99 years, and also for children if followed by a tutor. During the 19 lessons you will be followed step by step in learning, so that everything will be clear and simple to learn.
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Udemy Writing Ballads in 7 Easy Steps

If you have ever wished that you could pen a song down, or come up with your own melody then this easy course is tailored to you. If you have every felt that you have something to say but that it needed to be said through music or in a poem, rather than just plain vernacular – then I am inviting you to join me, Franco Bello, as we explore your creative journey together through this short basic course in
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MAGNUS Selected Sample Library

We genuinely believe that these sounds can instantly make your productions sound bigger and better in every way. If you produce Deep House, Piano House, or any other music in that style - this sample pack is going to be a must-have in your collection.
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Play Loops Game FX

Game Fx Sounds 62 SFX Loops By Play Loops
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Skeleton Samples Dark Vocals 2

Welcome to DARK VOCALS 2...We're back providing you with a huge array of dark vocals to give your track that extra something. If your track is lacking that killer line, or even to spark instant creativity.. this pack is for you... touching on tech house, techno, g house, house, deep house, future house, EDM..just to name a few.
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The Kount Kount Drums Vol.2

The Kount's mission is to improve the lives of the world's one billion producers by eliminating wack drum samples. 366MB of original sounds created/recorded/processed by The Kount
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Zero-G PHAEDRA Redux

PHAEDRA Redux has been produced by Sam Spacey who also produced the highly-acclaimed Epica and Epica Bass virtual synths. PHAEDRA Redux replaces the previous version which ran in the free Kontakt Player and required an activation serial. PHAEDRA Redux requires the full version of Kontakt 6.6.0 and will not run in the free Kontakt Player. All of the sounds from the original PHAEDRA are available in the new version. The main difference is the updated Kontakt GUI.
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MixWithTheMasters Inside The Track #69 Leslie Brathwaite

Step inside the home studio of Leslie Brathwaite for a walkthrough of how he mixed 'Big', the hit collaboration by Rita Ora, David Guetta, Imanbek, and Gunna!In this five-part series, the Grammy-winning engineer explains how the pandemic helped improve his workflow, tells the story of this exciting project, and reveals the techniques he implemented to craft a mix that was so well received by all parties involved. Leslie opens the Pro Tools session with every plug-in deactivated, takes you through the source material, and demonstrates his processing. You'll see the simple yet effective 'in the box' approach taken to bring a high-end production to the next level, using a handful of his favourite tools and placing intuition over technicalities. In addition, Braithwaite discusses other aspects of his job with regards to communication, psychology, and more!
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