Ghosty 909 Warriors kit Vol.1

5 times larger than my previous kits, this one a whole work of art 808s – 13 909s -24
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Industry Kits The Perfect Match Vol.3

As A Producer We All Know That Feeling You Get When The Beat Drops Just Perfect. One Of The BIGGEST Factors In Making That Happen Is How The Kick & 808 Punch Hits & How It's Mixed / Working Together.
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Pilgrim Mekanisms Portal Bank

Includes 50 custom presets designed by Pilgrim for Output's Portal + 5 additional bonus loops
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The Music Professor Online

The Music Professor Online is a practical volume that provides a window into online music instruction in higher education. Author Judith Bowman highlights commonalities between online and face-to-face teaching, presents a theoretical framework for online learning, and provides practical models and techniques based on interviews with professors teaching online in various music disciplines. This book offers keys for thinking about music education in a post-COVID world, when the importance and interest of online education is of central concern.
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The Art of Post-Tonal Analysis: Thirty-Three Graphic Music Analyses

The Art of Post-Tonal Analysis consists of analyses of thirty-three musical passages or entire short works in a variety of post-tonal styles. For each piece author Joseph N. Straus shows how it is put together and what sense might be made of it: how the music goes. Along the way, he shows the value of post-tonal theory in addressing these questions, and in revealing something of the fascination and beauty of this music.
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Ghoul split

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Venus Theory Analog Horizons

Put on your sick aviator shades, search for the replicants, and fly through the hazy days of forgotten times with this new bank of 30 Vital presets + 16 custom Wavetables modeled from classic analog gear!
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Venus Theory Analog Mutations

50 presets, 50 wavetables, 10 samples, 1 skin
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Music-Plug-Corner Diamond Dragon VST V5.0 RETAiL

Diamond Dragon is a plugin VST created by our engineers. These brand new special sounds are unique. This vst will help you to make unique production. Add more this VST is really easy to handle. Hope that you will enjoy it a lot !
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Industrial Strength Crush

'Crush' by Industrial Strength is a heavy-duty FX collection from the creator of the Impact. This insane new collection offers up loads of sounds to crush into your next production.
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Audentity Records Future Bass Super Pack 2

BIG follow up of our ''Future Bass Super Pack' series, which clearly was one of the best selling Future Bass packs of the summer! Huge pack with 8 FULL Construction Kits, 38 Presets, 89 One Shot Synth, Vox and Drumsounds.
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Dome Of Doom Alex Polinsky Wall Of Sound

Presented In collaboration with expert vocalist Alexander Polinsky. Over 100 studio recorded vocal samples. Includes Wet/Dry samples for all vocal samples as well as individual elements from songs.
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Ask Video Deconstructing Music Master 117 Deconstructing Deep Inside Your Love

Deep inside your love is an upcoming release of trainer Olav Basoski. Learn exactly how the track was made in Logic Pro, from beats to vocals! House music producer Olav Basoski is back with another course! This time he shares how he created his dance track Deep Inside Your Love.
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OmarCameUp NOTHIN' But Melodies

My first melody kit includes 5 folders of different instruments and sounds, each containing 10 unique melodies. That's 50 melodies in total! Usually, I sell personalized melody packs of 10 melodies for $25-$30. This pack is a $150 value, and it's available for the low price of $40!
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Toxic Samples EDM Deadly Buildups

Create your ultimate banger with this essential selection builds for instant hands-in-the-air euphoria. Suitable for EDM, Progressive House, Trance, House 50 Phat and Exciting builds to give your track more excitement. 100% Royalty Free
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