Sound Mafia Slap House Essentials Vol.1

This one is a dream coming true for all Slap House, Brazilian Bass, G-House, Deep House, Mid Tempo and EDM producers! This pack contains:
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UNKWN Sounds Morganite (Compositions)

UNKWN is pleased to release Morganite. This pack contains 10 original compositions ranging from soul, funk, r&b, blues, lofi, and a variety of other hybrid genres. For the past few months UNKWN along with vocalist Laura Rain and producer George Friend (from Laura Rain and the Caesars) have been collaborating using live instrumentation such as the upright piano, brass, bells, organ, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, etc.. and a collection of analog synthesizers, from the Moog to the notorious Prophet 6. These samples will ignite instant inspiration for your next beat or project.
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HoRNet Total EQ 1.3.2

HoRNet TOTAL EQ is a precise and versatile equalizer with a handy spectrum analyzer. The peculiar feature of TOTAL EQ is that every parameter of each equalizer band can be controlled from the control point on the frequency chart, this simply means that you will never have to look around to find the controls for the band you are editing, but everything will be there right at your mouse pointer reach.
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Byjoelmichael Music Theory Survival Guide Part 2

If you completed Part 1 of the Music Theory Survival Guide, then this Music Theory Survival Guide Part 2 course will take you the next step further in building your creative musical voice. If you have not completed Part 1, but are comfortable with intervals, major scales, and the triads of the major scale, then you should be okay to jump in this Part 2 without any issue.
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AudioFriend Nu Disco Percussion

130 Synthwave / 80s / Nu Disco percussion sequences featuring conga, rim, tambourine, tom, zap, woodblock shaker and mixed loops.
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Wheezy Outta Here️ Leaked Sounds KiT

Sounds taken directly from various wheezy beat stems
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Byjoelmichael Music Theory Survival Guide Part 1

If you are a music creator that feels stuck when trying to make melodies and chord progressions that sound good together, or if you are wanting to learn the basics of music theory in a quick yet concise method (without all the notation and extra steps), then this Music Theory Survival Guide Part 1 course is for you.
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Venomode Lowtility 2

Lowtility is a stereo tool designed to control the low end of your mix. It features a variable-slope low pass filter, along with a separate section for finely tuning the stereo width of the bass frequencies.
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Venomode Complexer 2

Complexer 2 is a multi-stage dynamics processor, featuring three independently controlled dynamics processors, each with a choice of six different modes. Each of the three processors can be configured as an upward or downward compressor, an upward or downward expander, a limiter, or a gate. Complexer 2 offers four different arrangements for processing: serial/parallel chaining, stereo, mid/side, and multiband.
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Functorial Semiotics for Creativity in Music and Mathematics

This book presents a new semiotic theory based upon category theory and applying to a classification of creativity in music and mathematics. It is the first functorial approach to mathematical semiotics that can be applied to AI implementations for creativity by using topos theory and its applications to music theory.
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Caelum Audio Flux Mini 2

Flux Mini 2 is an audio effect that adds life, character and dynamism to your tracks. The customisable graph creates a shape which can be used to modulate filter cutoff, filter resonance, amplitude and mix.
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Black Salt Audio Clipper

The only way to achieve modern loudness without destroying the punch and impact is with smart, purposeful clipping in the mix. Other clippers on the market are overcomplicated, overpriced, ugly, or all of the above… so we decided to make the clipper every real mixer wants: a dead-simple tool that gets the job done in seconds.
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Udemy Play Music by Ear

Play Your Favorite Songs, Jot Down the Music in Your Head, Be a Hit at Parties Musicians who play music by ear are huge hits at parties and on social media, but they also have a huge advantage when it comes to composing music or accompanying themselves while they sing.
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HoRNet SongKey MK4

Realtime chord, tempo and key finder plugin HoRNet SongKey MK4 is the fourth version of our key recognition tool, but it doesn’t do simple key recognition, it’s also capable of detecting the chord being played and the song tempo. We thought it was a good idea to also add MIDI input (to be able to detect chords and key of midi tracks) and MIDI output for the recognised chords so you can record them and edit the track for your own needs, also SongKey MK4 provides new standalone version that is able to generate midi clock to keep all your other M;IDI gear in sync with a live audio input.
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Samplestar Neo Soul Sessions Vol.2

Samplestar is very proud to present Neo Soul Sessions Vol 2! Volume 2 gets more soulful than ever with a tasty blend of sublime live recorded brass, super smooth vintage keys, funky guitar licks, low slung bass & tight punchy drums all beautifully performed by seasoned professional session musicians.
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