Tone Empire Neural Q

Neural Q gives your music a very “analog” sounding Top-end sparkle and “heavy” bottom end seldom found in plugin equalizers. The pre-amp section has been accurately captured from a solid-state modern pre-amp with cinema transformers.
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Mixtank Mark Maitland Advanced Mixing and Mastering

After the success of his best-selling launch day course 'Introduction to Advanced Mixing', Mark Maitland returns to Mixtank to provide an even more detailed look at his craft with the follow-up masterclass 'Advanced Mixing & Mastering'. Weighing in at over four hours, Advanced Mixing & Mastering details the complete walkthrough of the mix and master process for the complex, vocal-driven pop/house track In Too Deep' by Kapera & EMME on Enhanced Recordings.
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Groove3 Native Instruments CUBA Explained

Studio guru Larry Holcombe presents comprehensive Native Instrument CUBA video tutorials! If you'd like to add some percussive flair to your productions, CUBA is just the thing, and these videos will teach you everything you need to know about it. Larry explores each element of this terrific plugin in detail, so you'll feel right at home adding it to your tracks. These videos are for new Native Instruments CUBA users.
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Groove3 Working with Spectrasonics Sonic Extensions

Virtual instrument expert Eli Krantzberg presents comprehensive video tutorials for Sonic Extensions by Spectrasonics! If you're a fan of Omnisphere and want to add a wealth of creative options to this already expansive virtual instrument, then Sonic Extensions are for you. In this course, Eli covers the first four titles released - Undercurrent, Nylon Sky, Unclean Machine, and Seismic Shock - from the basics through more advanced tips and tricks. These videos are for new Omnisphere Sonic Extension users.
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Mixtank The Sound Of... Luuk van Dijk

Known for his strong basslines, groovy vibe and old skool vision, Luuk van Dijk produces records that hit the sweet spot of any dance floor with clinical precision. Signed to labels like Kaluki, Hot Creations, Do Not Sleep, Deeperfect and Solid Grooves, and at the helm of his own Dark Side Of The Sun label, his music has become a staple part of the melodic deep tech scene and we're thrilled to welcome him to Mixtank for a huge installment of our 'The Sound Of…' series. Clocking in at over two hours, Luuk's course goes into minute detail across every aspect of his production process - from the setup of his studio itself, to sample digging and the all-important 'ear candy'. Working from Ableton, Luuk shares some of the unique techniques that have seen his music signed to the industry's most respected labels, and details transferable skills that you can apply to your own projects.
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XLNTSOUND Cartel Vol.3

The legendary Cartel series is our most sought after Sample/Preset Suite in our entire catalog. The Cartel Samples and Presets have been used by some of the biggest names in the industry and has quickly become one of, if not the most successful title we have released in the history of XLNTSOUND.
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Patchbanks Mode-8 TLPS1

Drive your beats even harder with these premium loops featuring top selections of modulated sequences and fills made by pro techno producers. This sound pack contains 105 loops provided in processed and unprocessed formats including direct-in, filter-eq, sound fx (100% wet) and mixed. The recordings are sourced from live studio sessions with creations by expert sound designers patching complex modulations with external synths, sequencers and effects modules. The sounds have a primitive analog tone with unique blends of percussive, granular and whitenoise characteristics. The loop tempos range from 132-140bpm and are suitable for various styles of hard techno music.
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ProducerGrind SLATT Trap Drum Kit

Hard Hitting Thick 808s w/ Perfect Distortion Punchy Drums That Cut Through Mixes Without Needing Expensive Plugins
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ProducerGrind ALEC! EUPHORIC Dark Vintage Melodies

Writing melodies that are ideal for artist placements is not always easy. There's a delicate balance between leaving room for the vocal and sounding thin and empty. EUPHORIC is a handcrafted project made to emulate the warm, analog sound of Travis Scott, Don Toliver, and Drake produced by the likes of Frank Dukes and Cubeatz. These dark melodies come placement-ready and are perfect for Trap and RnB producers looking for opportunities with major artists.
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ProducerGrind Ethan Deetz 'ANGELIC' Industry Vocals Vol.1

Industry producers know that the right vocal can turn a throwaway beat into a placement-ready record. Just look at Toosii, Rod Wave, Polo G, Yungeen Ace, or Bryson Tiller if you need the proof!
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ProducerGrind DNA RC-20 Presets

DNA contains 30 fresh RC-20 effect presets for coloring the melodies and beats you cookup. These carefully-crafted presets are perfect for switchups or forming the primary vibe of your track. RC-20 by XLN Audio required (obviously).
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Sonicycle Electronic India Vocal Textures

Sonicycle presents Electronic India - Vocal Textures – a new pack that joins together melodic Indian vocals with a diverse array of electronic effects. Explore classic Indian vocals through the lens of the modern age, as our samples bring you a range of energetic rhythms, rich soundscapes, and an air of mystery. Ranging from playful to mesmerising, this versatile pack paints Indian vocals in a new light and is the perfect addition to any producer’s sound library.
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