Deeperfect Samples Vol.1

Deeperfect Samples Vol.01 from Deeperfect delivers some of the best production tools around. Including over 430+ files in this fat collection, inspiration is guaranteed. Fusing the modern, minimal tech-house with the deeper side of underground house, this treasure trove has enough tools to blow up any dancefloor.
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JINGLE PUNKS Celebration Rock

The sonic equivalent of watching a fireworks display. This pack is composed with the intention to be used as a backdrop for climactic moments in Television and Film. Clean lead melodies stand out against distorted rhythm guitar, this pack was made to be layered. Filled with bright uplifting guitar loops, crashing cymbals, and driving bass lines, these sounds make it easy to create a feeling of jubilee using an orchestral inspired structure, combined with modern production techniques.
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Prime Loops BAROQ Medieval Melodies

BAROQ contains a selection of 245+ Medieval Melodies perfect for Hip Hop, Trap & fusion genres. BAROQ boasts professionally played and live-recorded Harpsichords, Pianos, Strings and Organs; perfect for adding sinister and dramatic orchestral tones to your productions.
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Thomas Adès Studies (Cambridge Composer Studies)

Thomas Adès is a dominant force in contemporary music, whose work attracts significant attention and acclaim, and has been performed by many renowned ensembles. This volume – the first to present a range of scholarly essays on every aspect of Adès's music – offers authoritative accounts of Adès's major compositions from a variety of analytical, critical, cultural and historical perspectives.
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East West Voices Of Passion

Whenever you need solo vocals as an effect rather than a traditional singer, Voices of Passion gathers the uniquely beautiful voices of female singers from around the world and makes them available to you in a single library. As a media composer tasked with depicting a sprawling landscape, a single note from one of these singers will throw it into sharp relief. You can produce an incredibly expressive performance with ornaments, vibrato, and all the subtleties you need to produce the exact soundscape for the job.
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East West Voices Of Soul

Voices of Soul includes a collection of expressive, soulful multi-sampled vocal instruments with hundreds of expressive phrases in every key and highly realistic true legato transitions. Try layering it on your string lines with a softer setting, or even adding doubling and chorus effects to make C.C.’s voice feel omnipresent. And because we captured nearly every possible angle of her vocal performances from impassioned to calming, it’s easy to translate the most iconic qualities of her voice to almost any setting. Effortlessly switch between multiple articulations on the fly with combo instruments and build chords from airtight vocal harmonies, and use the beautiful voice of C.C. White to add soul, flare, or gentle background texture to any song.
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Ardist 2020 Collection Drum Kit

This is the 2020 Collection; it may be a familiar name to those who have seen cookups and streams from Southside, PVLACE, CashMoneyAP, E-Trou, FrancisGotHeat, and many other producers within Internet Money and 808 Mafia. I sent it directly to them.
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3 Digi Audio Dancehall Addiction

'Dancehall Addiction is inspired by Dancehall and Afrobeat. These Four Construction Kits contain all the elements needed to make an outstanding production. This Dancehall Samples are combined with West African musical styles such as Fuji and Highlife music with American Funk and Jazz influences featuring chanted, complex intersecting Rhythms and Percussions. This pack provides a set of 808 samples, Flutes, Plucks, Piano, Horns and more. All sounds have been processed and edited by professional outboard gear to create an authentic analogue warmth.
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SkillShare Learn Beat Making in Reaper Beatmaking, Drum Programming and Music Composition for Hip-Hop & Rap

In this course, you are going to learn how to make beats in Reaper. Reaper is not only a affordable Digital Audio Workstation, but it can also be used for free without any restrictions. Can you imagine having a professional and powerful DAW at your hands without having to spend anything? Now you can not only imagine, but you also have a course to guide you inside the software.
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Tonepusher Deadton5

Our new Xfer Serum preset pack called ''deadton5'' re-creates from the ground up some of the most iconic sounds made by deadmau5. From the iconic pluck sound from ''Right this second'', the bigger than life synth lead of ''Avaritia", the classic brass of''Imaginary friends'' or the analog sounding chord of ''The Veldt'' we carefully crafted every sound from the ground upcompletely inside Xfer Serum based on Joel's work.
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Tonepusher DOOMED Vol.2

Inspired by the work of DOOM's 2016 Soundtrack by Mick Gordon, our new preset pack called ''DOOMED volume 2'' is the second volume of our #1 selling pack ''DOOMED''. This new pack contains an arsenal of 50 top quality evil Xfer Serum Presets. Coming right from the depth of hell, you'll get basses,brasses, leads, fxs, pads and drums, everything you need and then some.
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Tonepusher Future Club

James Kent also known as Perturbator has produced electronic music influenced by cyberpunk culture and with inspiration from movies such as Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and the Running Man or movie soundtracks. Inspired by the work of Kent, this Xfer Serum preset pack is bringing you 50 top quality Xfer Serum presets.
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Tonepusher Futuresynth Vol.1

Futuresynth vol.1 includes 50 presets professionally designed for Xfer Serum. Aimed at synthwave, retrowave and futuresynth music styles, inspired by many 1980s films, video games and music by Carpenter Brut, Perturbator, Lazerhawk and Dance With the Dead. Futuresynth vol.1 reproduces the sonic essence of this genre and has something for all music production styles with its various and rich collection of basses, pads, leads, brass and analog sounding drums.
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Tonepusher Industrial Metal Vol.1

Tonepusher is proud to present “Industrial Metal vol.1”. Containing 50 Xfer Serum Presets, Industrial Metal vol.1 comes in the form of dirty and noisy Industrial sounds for Xfer’s Serum soft synth. This selection includes heavy basses, twisted lead, dark pads, intense FX, distorted drums and much more, all precisely crafted through a powerful avant-garde sound design lens.
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Tonepusher Killer Tones

Tonepusher proudly presents "Killer Tones" - a collection of complex dark cinematic electronica. Based on the original soundtrack of Netflix's movie ''There's someone inside your house'' composed by Zach Dawes, this pack contains 50 Xfer serum presets. Find every type of retro sound you’ll need, many with cutting edge sonic twists and turns, and all of them with your music projects in mind.
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