Synthetic and Sharkboy Void Vol.2 Sound Kit

The Kit Includes: 80 Serum Presets + 80 One Shots 40 MIDI
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Diggy Loops Aisha Vocal Hooks

'Aisha Vocal Hooks' This amazing vocal pack with unique sounds to help take your production to the next level. These catchy melodies and vocals are sure to grab the attention of any listener.
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Sp4cecoop Voltaic Sound Kit

The Kit Includes: 120 Serum Presets 120 One Shots
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8Dio CASE Solo Brass FX

Welcome to CASE - the most comprehensive collection of Solo Orchestral Effects ever done. CASE Brass contains 2 Solo Trumpets, 2 Solo Horns, 2 Solo Trombones (Tenor & Bass). Each instrument was recorded with 2 players, so you have the ability to either play both players together or separate them via the Soloist Spot microphones. CASE comes with 6 microphone positions divided into two core groups: Hall (Close, Far, Wide and Mixed) and Soloist 1 (Spot 1) and Soloist 2 (Spot 2).
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Yourbabymind and Tommi Oslo Reflector One Shot Kit

Includes 70+ High Quality One Shots in the style of Travis Scott, Don Toliver, Baby Keem, Experemental and more!
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Based1 Amber (Analog Lab V Bank)

This Analog Lab V preset bank includes 70 Analog Lab V Presets 10 Bonus Samples
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Synthetic & Diicez Wanderer Sound Kit

83 Serum Presets:- 1 FLUTE - 2 ARP - 3 KEY
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Divided Souls Analog Transmissions

We've made contact with deep space in order to bring you this selection of 40 intergalactic sounds consisting of loops, one shots, and FX. Add unique atmosphere and textures to your production from our collection of classic analog synths and other noise making machines. Spark your creativity and outside the box thinking with Analog Transmissions.
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Singomakers Psytrance Nirvana

'Psytrance Nirvana' by Singomakers is full of genre-focused Ethnic instruments, Fat and Burning Bass Loops, Psytrance Synths, Wall Breaking Drums, Vocals, FX and much more!
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Wavelet Audio GROTH

MODERN CINEMATIC INSTRUMENTS INSPIRED BY THE DARK AGES AND MYTHOLOGY The sound of GROTH evokes the atmosphere of mystical old northern gods, ancient cultural traditions, burial mounds, and rugged forests suspended in frost. This toolbox draws on rich and diverse traditions of folk music rooted in the depths of our past.
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Sample Diggers LoFi House

Sample Diggers are proud to present LoFi House, a warm and refreshing venture into a challenging sound palette, bringing nostalgia and energy with it in droves. Provided 100% royalty free, these sounds are guaranteed to generate a totally aesthetic lo-fidelity vibe in your dancefloor workouts!
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