Master Handbook of Acoustics, 7th Edition

The industry standard guide to room acoustics―fully updated with the latest advances Based on the classic text written by acoustics pioneer F. Alton Everest, this revised resource presents the fundamentals of acoustics along with time-tested solutions and detailed room designs.
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Sound Changes: Improvisation and Transcultural Difference

Sound Changes responds to a need in improvisation studies for more work that addresses the diversity of global improvisatory practices and argues that by beginning to understand the particular, material experiences of sonic realities that are different from our own, we can address the host of other factors that are imparted or sublimated in performance.
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Max for Live Push Arrange Mode

This device gives your Push its missing Arrangement Mode (plus a few extra bonuses).It doesn't interfere with other Push's modes, it just adds a new one. The device mainly works on a "selected track" basis. Ultimately, the main goal of this patch is to use your mouse less, because for a lot of tasks this thing actually is... quite slow.
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Manuel-M Ableton Stream Deck V3

UPDATE 03-2021 :- 2 profiles for Elgato Stream Deck (15 keys) & XL (32 keys) - New shortcuts from Live 10 & 11 added
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Ask Video Reason 204 The Combinator 2 Explored

Reason's Combinator is now more powerful than ever. Learn the ins and outs of Reason's most popular device in this course, by Rishabh Rajan. One of the main new features in Reason 12 is the vastly improved Combinator. Back in 2004, Reason was the first DAW to offer a way to design elaborate patches by combining various instruments and effects inside a single super-device. Since its introduction, this powerful "container" has been at the center of most Reason rack, and now the updated Combinator 2 is just better in every way. In this course, trainer and sound designer Rishabh Rajan takes a deep look at this powerful device and explains all its capabilities.
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Cinetools Metallium

We are here with “Metallium” second edition from our Designer Tools series, featuring a variety of raw sources which recorded different size and type of materials; bowed aqua-phones, screaming metals, frictions, impacts, big metal scrapes and any other metal elements!!
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Sound Doctrine Convocation

Convocation to many is the formal assembly of a large group of people. Specifically within different black church traditions, and denominations, it served as a time for many churches to come together to celebrate and put on display various musically gifted people from all over the country.
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Test Press DnB Textures

D&B Textures is a deep dive into the sounds of melodic, organic, and atmospheric Drum & Bass and includes live-recorded drum breaks, smooth, organic pads, evocative ambiences, weighty basslines, music kits for inspiration, keys and synth loops, tempo-synced FX, and a wide range of one-shot samples of basses, drums and percussion, FX, and synths.
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Splice Originals Brooklyn Breaks

Derrick Wright is considered one of the top drummers in the music industry internationally. He has toured the world playing for Toni Braxton, Babyface, Thalia, Adele, and many others. You might not have heard of Derrick Wright, but you’ve bopped your head, moved your hips, and tapped your feet to his drum recordings and live performances. He has gained respect from many music executives, musicians, fellow artists, and fans around the globe.
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Splice Explores Guitar SFX

Picture the scene, you’re a producer sitting down to your DAW thinking, “Well why I don't I just end this beautiful sonic palette I've delicately crafted right here”. Yes, we agree that’s a perfectly fine and truthfully boring way to end your masterpiece. While some producers choose polish and beauty, Brighton UK based producer Samuel Organ chooses real, edgy, and deeply distorted. Along with his co-producer Slugabed, the two take a hard left turn away from the safe journey through the village of Little Familiarity, and veer wildly off-course towards utter chaos with an unhinged sample pack containing but not limited to scrape, fwanggggg, skrit and pip-pip-pip WHACK!
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Splice Sounds KARRA Presents Rynn Vocal Pack

Rynn is an LA-based singer-songwriter who's written for artists such as R3hab, DJ Vivid, and Tom & Collins. She also made it to the final round of the NBC series Songland. For this pack produced by KARRA, she demonstrates her vocal prowess with pristine pop vocals that are also a great fit for any pop or electronic track. Ranging from angelic to edgy, Rynn's vocals will add something truly special to your next project.
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