Supah Mario Reloaded Bundle

DRUM KIT + LOOP PACK + OMNISPHERE PRESETS = SUPAH MARIO RELOADED This years Supah Mario "drum kit" is different! Mario placed a special emphasis on the way each individual sound is mixed to deliver the GREATEST KIT he has ever produced, exclusively on
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Divided Souls Psychedelic Soul Vol.2

Divided Souls Entertainment and Kyle Falls return for the second installment in the Psychedelic Soul series. This time out the multi-instrumentalist delivers 30 soulful guitar loops covering a range of tempos and "feels." Whether you're looking for a Trap/Hip Hop vibe or something more in an R&B lane, this kit is sure to compliment your production style.
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CRPTC Nature Noise Drumkit

nature noise is a creative drumkit for modern music production - featuring 101 custom made sounds + 10 individual hi-hat midi's it can be used in any production for any genre. the whole concept of this kit was to create a combination of two sound worlds - organic & synthetic; originally created by @beatsbycryptic using analog synthesizers like the moog DFAM & subharmonicon, live-foley and digital sound sources + processed with various analog & digital guitar pedals & high quality plug-ins.
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UVI Scratch Machine

There's no way to accurately reproduce the experience of scratching without a turntable but we've come pretty close with Scratch Machine. Grab a keyboard or pad controller, load up one of the classic sounds like 'Fresh' or a Speak'n'Spell and go crazy! All sounds were recorded directly from decks masterfully controlled by our resident turntablist and scratch artist DJ Quartz, delivering the authentic sound of vinyl in a truly expressive and highly-addictive instrument.
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Cloud EVOL Analog Lab V Bank

80 presets - Synth Keys, Pads, Strings, Bells, Sub Bass, Lofi Keys & much more!
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BFractal Music Classic Hip Hop

This unique pack will spark your creativity and infuse your tracks with top quality samples. Give your Hip Hop tracks the edge!
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Gami x Fiori Colors One Shot Kit Vol.1

With over 680 one shots inside you wont have any issues finding your next sound. All one shots are recorded with real instruments or are designs from scratch. As a final touch, they are all run through various pieces of Fiori’s analog gear. This one shot kit is truly one of a kind! In conclusion, whether you are a composer, beatmaker, or sound designer you will definitely find some new favorite go-to sounds inside.
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Revealed Recordings Revealed Sylenth1 Ultimate Plucks Vol.2

Revealed Sylenth1 Ultimate Plucks Vol. 2 is a collection of 100 presets to create massive breakdowns and main themes. From old skool rave plucks, popcorn plucks, crazy detuned techno plucks, progressive ready-to-be-chorded plucks, and more - this soundset has it all!
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An Illustrated Dictionary for the Modern Trombone, Tuba, and Euphonium Player (Dictionaries for the Modern Musician)

Modern low brass instruments—trombone, tuba, and euphonium—have legions of ancestors, cousins, and descendants in over five-hundred years of history. Prominent scholar and performer Douglas Yeo provides a unique, accessible reference guide that addresses a broad range of relevant topics and brings these instruments to life with clear explanations and the most up-to-date research.
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Teaching the Whole Musician: A Guide to Wellness in the Applied Studio

In Teaching the Whole Musician: A Guide to Wellness in the Applied Studio, author Paola Savvidou empowers applied music instructors to honor and support their students' wellness through compassion-filled conversation tools, hands-on activities for injury prevention, mental health protection, and recovery support. Many music students are facing devastating injuries and emotional peril as they navigate the transition from student to professional. Experts are sounding the alarm for the need to educate students on the negative effects of habits such as postural misalignments, sleep deprivation, and over exertion.
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Revealed Recordings Revealed Fills Vol.9

Revealed Fills Vol. 9 is a collection of tools designed to fill in the gaps to make your tracks sound full and complete. With a variety of Drum Fills and Synth Fills; Revealed Fills Vol. 9 will give your tracks a complete and polished edge!
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Revealed Recordings Revealed Spire 303 Sequences Vol.1

Revealed Spire 303 Sequences Vol. 1 is a preset collection of 34 acid sequences ready to inject into your next track. Hold a note and let the programmed sequence play or uncheck the arpeggiator and write your own acid melodies!
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MAAT Digital LINpro

A Low Cost Entry Into A More Linear World. Dither is the missing link between distortion and clarity, and LINpro offers more precision, choice and control.
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Producer Loops Sad Trap

'Sad Trap' is a soothing and gentle collection of vocal-based construction kits broken down in their entirety so you get everything heard in the demo. Includes full kits plus melancholic and haunting vocals performed by Nomeli, which lean towards the darker side of Pop.
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Producer Loops The Morning After

'The Morning After' is the follow up to Gimme That Love. This 900MB pack arguably sets a new standard for the sample industry. With strong Pop, Rock, Synthwave and Retro influences, we're taken on an awe-inspiring journey to the era of electric glam and neon lights. Not only do you get all of elements heard in the demo (including the vocals), you also get five custom presets for Serum. The music and production was created by Sawyr with vocals provided by Moon Rebel.
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